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We roll back the times and take a look at some of the finest tennis comebacks in the history of tennis, who have returned despite the hard times that they have been through, and have carved their name on the illustrious trophies.

Top 8 Tennis Comebacks


After Serena Williams rose to world no. 1 in 2002, she faced depression and lost her desire to fight and win titles after the murder of her elder sister Yetunde Williams. She was shot down in a gang crossfire in LA while driving in an SUV with her boyfriend, who was supposedly the target. Serena Williams dropped to 140 in the rankings but returned at the Australian Open in 2007 to demolish Maria Sharapova, who was set to become world no.1, in the finals. And since then she has never looked back creating an name for herself in the books of tennis history.

Serena is all set to make another comeback once again in 2018 after the birth of her daughter. Whether she will still be as competitive as before, remains to be seen.

tennis comebacks
Serena Williams returned after personal issues to shock Maria Sharapova at the Australian open


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