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Andy Murray Reveals Priorities of Tennis Season 2020

Andy Murray Reveals Priorities of Tennis Season 2020

Andy Murray

Former World Number one Andy Murray hasn’t stepped on the professional tennis courts this year. After making a revolutionary come back in 2019, he had groin issues towards the end of the season and later suffered back pain.

This week Briton Murray will be participating in the Battle of the Brits, which is an exhibition event meant for the British tennis players hosted by his brother Jamie Murray in the United Kingdom. Therein he shared his priorities are to play Major events in 2020 and he is optimistic regarding that.  Also, with the new exhausting calendar in hand, Murray is yet to choose his events this year.  

My hip has been feeling better” – Andy Murray 

Earlier this year, when the tour was suspended and French Open was postponed, Murray decided to show up for the Paris Major. He is prioritizing playing Grand Slams this year and is optimistic about his participation there. He’s yet to decide upon his appearance in other tournaments. 

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

“Playing the Grand Slams would be my priority. I think the schedule is tricky and I understand the reason why it is like that. I don’t know exactly which tournaments I will and won’t play in terms of the lead up to the Grand Slams,” he told the presser at Battle of the Brits. Fortunately, Murray is feeling better physically, also he has trained during the suspension period.

“My hip has been feeling better for probably the past three or four weeks. It feels better than it did in March. Right now, I feel a little bit more confident because I’ve had more training under my belt, more practice. In March time, I’d only been practicing for four or five weeks since I’d had the issues,” he added.

Murray is planning to play US Open this year, but the tournament has laid down strict guidelines. They have decided to hold their tournament behind the closed doors and formulated that each player can travel with just one player in their team.

With that regulation, Andy has decided to travel with his physio who could support him with his physical issues if they arise during the tournament.


“I don’t mind what the situation is, providing it is safe. If I was told I could take one person with me, for example, you can make that work. I’d probably go with a physio and some coaching could be done remotely,” Murray said.

World Number 129 Andy Murray last won a title at European Open 2019 after defeating Stan Wawrinka in the finals. That match marked his unprecedented resurgence on the men’s tour. He hopes to emulate the same in the following years.

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