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Novak Djokovic Reveals How He has Changed his Serve for the 2020 Season

Novak Djokovic Reveals How He has Changed his Serve for the 2020 Season

Novak Djokovic

After missing the second half of the 2017 season, Serbian tennis superstar and World No. 2, Novak Djokovic had worked on his serve taking his injured elbow into consideration. What followed was one of the lowest phases in his career.

Prior to the last season, Djokovic reunited with his longtime coach and serve advisor Marian Vajda. At a time when it looked like Djokovic’s performances were on the decline, he came back strongly winning two of the four Grand Slams last year.

Ahead of the long season in the new decade, Djokovic talked about his service and the changes that went through it.

“I think it is mostly the rhythm and the balance co-ordinating the ball toss and having a straight body rather collapsing,” he said. “In general, it is just about rhythm. Just feeling the serve and not rushing too much.

Novak Djokovic

“Just waiting for that right moment when you feel like you have enough power and acceleration to get on top of the ball which allows (you) to hit different angles.

“Technique is more or less the same as it was. It is just the rhythm and the ball toss that we worked a lot and that is obviously working well.”

Novak Djokovic going for his eighth Australian Open

Coming into the first Grand Slam of the new decade, Djokovic has hardly had any difficulties reaching the quarter-finals. He is yet to drop a set in the 2020 Australian Open as he gets ready to face Milos Raonic in the quarterfinals.


Djokovic has faced Raonic nine times previously and is yet to lose against him. If he does manage to maintain his unbeaten record, he will face Roger Federer in the semi-finals on what could be an exciting fixture.

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