Former French Open Champion ‘Would Not Be Surprised’ if Roger Federer Retires After Wimbledon 2021

July 24, 2020 1:29 am

The glass towers of tennis Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic have been raising the record bars of the sport with every match they play. They have created an evergreen legacy, and for a few decades from now, no tennis player could surpass their records.

Former French tennis player, Henri Leconte spoke about the importance of the three unprecedented tennis men in the sporting world. The French Open doubles champion in 1984 Leconte compares them to today’s generation to those legendary men. And mentioned tennis will be over if the three of them hang their boots. As the ‘virtual world’ generation cannot suffice to fulfill their absence.

“We must get hooked on sports, tennis can be a key tool to instill a passion for something, respect, and generosity. Those values are embodied by Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic and when they retire, everything will be over,” he told Telegramme.

Big Three

Henri Leconte on Roger Federer

He believes the tennis gods in their 30s will be soon wrapping up with their careers. Also, Federer’s farewell after 2021 Wimbledon wouldn’t surprise him.

“We will live tennis in a virtual and uprooted way. It is incredible what they have done, we will never see something like this again. Unfortunately, I would not be surprised if the Swiss decided to retire after Wimbledon 2021. His departure will be a before and after in the history of our sport and will change it absolutely everything,” he added.

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With the 2020 edition of Wimbledon Championships getting annulled amid the coronavirus pandemic, eight-time grass-court Major champion Roger Federer has announced to feature in the tournament for the year 2021.

Roger Federer

This year World Number four Federer has called off his 2020 season. He underwent two knee injuries. The maestro requires sufficient time to recover and bounce back stronger in the next season.

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