“I Just Feel a Lot of Emptiness”- Dominic Thiem Opens up After Loss to Novak Djokovic at Australian Open 2020

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The finalist at Australian Open Dominic Thiem was on the brink of the victory for his first Slam title. With Novak Djokovic’s clutch tennis and experience in the fourth and fifth set, it halted a new champion from showing up on a big stage of tennis.

The Austrian spent a total of about 22 hours and 14 minutes during his entire two-week stay in Melbourne. Thiem had a five-set match in the second round, and then he overcame the intensities of World Number one Rafael Nadal and the seventh seed Alexander Zverev.

After clearing those two tough tests, one and a half days later, the defending champion and the unprecedented Melbourne ace Novak Djokovic was waiting for him the finals.

“That was very demanding” – Dominic Thiem

“I think I’ve rarely felt physically that tired, especially now after all the tension’s gone. I played an unbelievable intense match against Rafa, such an intense match against Sascha in the semis. Today again I think almost over four hours. I think that was very demanding,” Dominic Thiem said.

Dominic Thiem

Last time when Thiem reached major finals in Paris, he played a grueling five-set match against Djokovic in the last-four round. The match was split into two days Friday and Saturday, because of the unfavorable hurricane-like conditions at Roland Garros. And Thiem got onboard for a French Open final against Rafael Nadal with less than 24 hours of a recovery period.

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In other words, it seems unfair from Thiem’s perspective. As he doesn’t really receive an adequate amount of rest and recovery period before the eminent championship matches of his career.

“Of course, I just feel a lot of emptiness right now. But that’s it. I know the feeling. I did after the last two in Paris. But, yeah, also already now I feel a little bit of motivation to come back for the next Grand Slam. Well, if I have a little break, it’s going to be bigger,” Dominic Thiem added.

From the next generation’s club, Thiem is the clear favorite to make a breakthrough. As after his Sunday’s match, the Austrian completed three major final matches from 2018-20. Without any bias, it is the best performance from a new era contender on the major surfaces.

Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem

Last year in Paris, he fell short of two sets from conquering his maiden Slam and this year in Melbourne, he was just a few points away from the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup.

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