“It’s a Lesson For All of Us” – Andy Murray on Novak Djokovic’s Event

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After Grigor Dimitrov and Borna Coric tested positive for coronavirus, the Adria Tour event hosted by the Serbian legend Novak Djokovic has drawn enough criticism in the tennis world. Tennis experts, fans, and even a few fans have raised their voice against the fundraising exhibition, as no safety measures. Three-Time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray stated it is a lesson for the entire tennis world. The events have to abide by strict regulations. Adria Tour didn’t really follow any guidelines, and they landed up promoting the spread of the fatal virus.

Also, the event was held with a house full of fans and it has led to more complications in the era of the pandemic. “Once you start having mass gatherings with people coming in from all sorts of countries, it’s a recipe for it to kick off,” Murray told the reporters at Battle of the Brits.

“So it’s kind of a lesson for all of us – if we weren’t already – to take this extremely seriously, and to have as many safety measures in place as possible.”

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Andy Murray

Andy Murray emphasizes on the regulations

He further emphasized on the importance of respecting the protocols laid down by the government and tournaments. And also suggested punishing those people if they do not abide by the regulations imposed.

“In a bubble – if that’s what people are doing – what’s the punishment for people who are not sticking to the rules there that have been put in place?” Murray said.

“You imagine a situation where you’re in the last stages of the US Open but, because someone’s gone out [of] that bubble and broken those rules and gone into Manhattan or done something he shouldn’t have been doing, and you then contract the virus and are not able to compete in, you know, the quarter-finals and semis of the US Open. It would be extremely frustrating. So how do they police that exactly? I don’t know how they go about it.”

Andy Murray

This year Murray is considering playing at the US Open. And his planing to take his physio along with him since only one person can accompany a player.

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