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“It’s Not Mandatory” – Matteo Berrettini Opposes Novak Djokovic’s Player Relief Fund.

“It’s Not Mandatory” – Matteo Berrettini Opposes Novak Djokovic’s Player Relief Fund.

Novak Djokovic led ATP Player Council and other tennis bodies have successfully raised $6 million for the lower-ranked tennis players. The professionals ranked inside the top-100 rankings contributed to the Player Relief Fund. But, a few of the players don’t really support the idea, which includes the likes of Dominic Thiem and Guido Pella. And now Matteo Berrettini is opposing the scheme as well.

Italian tennis player Berrettini appreciates the initiative and believes it is a sign of caring for their fellow colleagues. However, he feels more than tennis players, hospitals, and victims of the virus need the money more. As the vulnerable groups of society are really in need of some kind of financial help.

Matteo Berrettini

“We wrote to Novak, it’s not mandatory: I prefer to help more complex situations, such as a hospital, a family in need, rather than a tennis player. There are many players who need help and go red. The plan is a very positive thing for tennis and shows that players also care about their colleagues from the rear,” he said.

Earlier Austrian tennis player Thiem stated there are some professionals whom he doesn’t want to support on the tour. He believes donating the money to the healthcare society is a wiser move than giving to the player’s fund.

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Matteo Berrettini suffering from an injury

After a long wait, finally, some live tennis action has started in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. It’s the UTR Pro Match Series. Berrettini was scheduled to play there but due to his ankle injury, the Italian had to withdraw.

Matteo Berrettini

“We were lucky because the situation is less serious here in Florida than in New York, and we were also able to train. The injury is nothing serious, sorry but this is also the best time to have a problem,” he added.

World Number eight Matteo Berrettini gave a career-best performance in 2019, reaching the semifinals of US Open and later made his debut at ATP Finals. Also, during the grass season, he was on an eight-match winning streak before entering Wimbledon. At SW19, he lost to the eight-time champion Roger Federer in the fourth round. 

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