“One Person With Whom I Can Model My Game is Jo-Wilfried Tsonga” – Nick Kyrgios

April 1, 2020 2:48 am

The tennis world knows that the Aussie tennis player Nick Kyrgios is a die-hard Roger Federer fan. Recently, at Australian Open 2020, during his mixed doubles match, Kyrgios was more interested to know about Federer’s quarterfinal match.

In the middle of his match, Nick was asking the chair umpire about Federer’s match updates. But in an interview, Kyrgios was asked if Federer was his childhood idol, he said: “He’s wasn’t my childhood idol. Out of the tennis players, my idols were probably Gael Monfils and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, but Roger, he’s a great role model.”

Nick Kyrgios has deep-rooted respect and admiration from Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. He idolized the Frenchman while growing up.

“My inspiration for idols, I had one growing up, Roger. He is everyone’s art of inspiration while growing up. With one person with whom I can model my game is Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. I loved the way he played, he loved to entertain,” Nick Kyrgios said.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Nick Kyrgios

“I emulate my game around him” – Nick Kyrgios

Kyrgios believes that his big serves, hefty forehands and entertaining part of his part of the game are developed by looking up to the Frenchman.

They last played each other in the second round of Australian Open 2018, and the heated Australian beat his idol 7-6, 4-6, 7-6, 7-6.

“I emulate my game around him, big serves and forehands. And our game styles are very similar. I played him once at the Australian Open and it was a pretty special feeling. I beat him, but I was still looking at someone that I looked up to.”


That day, in Melbourne, playing against his childhood idol wasn’t an easy task for Kyrgios. He was extremely tense before facing the 15th seed Tsonga.

“Playing Jo, I was obviously very nervous. He was a guy I looked up to as a kid. Still do,” Kyrgios said. “When I saw him out here I was so nervous. No joke. People think I’m cool, but I wanted him to think I was the coolest person ever.”

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