Rafael Nadal Defines His Perfect Tennis Player

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The Spaniard tennis ace Rafael Nadal has got the most ferocious forehand on the ATP Tour. His recently renewed service and his fighting spirits on every single point simply make him invincible.

A huge fraction of the followers of the sport believes that Rafa is the perfect tennis player. But when Nadal had to build a ‘perfect tennis player’ he added variations to it.

To begin with, in Nadal’s opinion the Serbian Novak Djokovic has the best backhand on the ATP. Novak’s ability to move, return, and playing clutch tennis during big points impress the tennis audience. “He’s able to defend very well, down the line, close, so he has full of options,” Rafael Nadal told Sport360.

For forehand, Nadal picks his arch-rival, Roger Federer. The Swiss plays genius tennis on the court. Even non-tennis followers sometimes catch up with Grand Slam matches only when Federer is playing. That’s just because of the resonating skills that he brings onto the court.  

“He’s able to take the ball very early, to create winners from everywhere. He’s able to hit flat with spin. He has all the shots,” Rafa explained.

Rafael Nadal

Also, Rafa added that Federer has the right vision on the cour. His quick ability to make the right decisions the right moments impress him.

I had the right determination throughout my tennis career” – Rafael Nadal

Moving forward, Rafa labels himself to be the player with utmost determination. Beyond the shadows of doubt, he is a perfect choice. Some professionals associate him to be the ‘the lion in the jungle’ who fights relentlessly on the tennis court.

“Maybe me. I had the right determination throughout my tennis career, after all the injuries that I had. I was able to keep going and keep practicing with passion and keeping looking for achieving my goals and keep fighting every single match,” said Rafa.

World Number two Nadal believes that Ivo Karlovic is the best server on the ATP Tour. It’s strenuous to play against the Croatian tower. Throughout his career, Karlovic has hit 13,599 aces on all surfaces and without any bias it the highest count.

“The problem with Ivo is when he’s serving well, which is every single day of his life. It’s almost impossible. The ball is very far every day. He’s very tall and has good technique, so it almost impossible…. It’s like a penalty in football and even a little more difficult,” said Nadal.

Further, he revealed that Dominic Thiem is the fittest tennis player and Gael Monfils is quickest on the ATP Tour. According to Rafa, the Briton Andy Murray is smartest when it comes to shot selection. And his compatriot David Ferrer wears the right attitude on the court.

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