“Tennis Player at Heart is Very Close to Their Fans and So Am I” – Roger Federer

July 7, 2020 3:14 am

Exactly 17 years ago Swiss maestro Roger Federer lifted up his first Grand Slam title on the center court of Wimbledon with a straight-sets victory in the finals. To commemorate that occasion 20-time Major champion Federer gave his fans worldwide an opportunity to interact with him. Simultaneously he launched the new ‘On’ shoes called ‘The Roger’.

Even before, the tennis tour was suspended, Federer took a voluntary layover on tennis, and underwent knee surgery. His recovery time was more than usual. Again due to a complication, he underwent another one and then called off his 2020 season. 

When Federer will make his return to the tour as a 39-year-old tennis player, he believes the tournaments won’t be held in the usual manner due to the new norms of social distancing.

I do miss playing in front of the fans” – Roger Federer

Roger Federer

And World Number four Federer reflected on the playing under the blanket of new conditions. When it comes to tennis, he holds the largest fanbase. During his matches, the major part of the crowd cheers for him and it boosts his morale on the court. Eventually, it persuades him to produce pitch-perfect tennis. 

Unfortunately, with the prevailing situations, Federer should make himself habituated to play with cheers of low decibels. With the protocols of new norms, Roger cannot play in jam-packed stadiums. 

“I do miss playing in front of the fans, no doubt. Now, I think if tennis comes back we know it won’t be in a normal way where we can have full crowds yet,” Roger Federer addressed one of the fan’s questions while he was live on Monday from the ‘On Lab.’

“So naturally we wouldn’t be able to interact with the fans like we used to, taking selfies, taking pictures, signing autographs, being able to speak to them because I feel the tennis player at heart is very close to their fans and so am I.”

“Of course, I miss it but I think right now we’re going through a period where we’ve got to be patient and hopefully starting next year at some point we’ll see each other more often and things will hopefully be somewhere back to normal. We’ve got to be patient,” he added.

Roger Federer

During the entire tennis suspension period, Federer has been resting and recovering from his surgeries. He has taken almost a year-long hiatus from the tennis tour to recuperate. He’s focusing to ameliorate his tennis skills and he will be back in 2021 with extra power.

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