“The Balls Are Heavy” – Novak Djokovic Supports Rafael Nadal’s Claim

September 27, 2020 3:20 am

The French Open 2020 is receiving some hefty criticism even before the first service. Rafael Nadal pointed out his issues with the Wilson balls which will be in action this year in the Roland Garros. After gaining support from Dominic Thiem, Nadal now has the support of Novak Djokovic.

Novak Djokovic supported the 12 times French Open champion and stated that the balls do have some weight upon them. Although, Djokovic was not sure whether the ball was naturally heavy or if external factors influenced its pace.

“I agree that the balls are heavy,” Djokovic claimed. “But also it’s probably because we are also almost in October, and it’s very cold. The clay is also heavy and wet. Just overall conditions are also affecting the ball itself. It’s very hard to say whether the ball is heavy in general or is it because we are playing under these kinds of slow and heavy conditions?”

Tennis – ATP Masters 1000 – Italian Open – Foro Italico, Rome, Italy -Serbia’s Novak Djokovic in action during the final against Argentina’s Diego Schwartzman |REUTERS

Novak Djokovic and his 18th Grand Slam

Nadal previously claimed that Wilson balls travel a bit slower than the usual Babolat balls. Criticizing the balls, he pointed out that they will require some extra work, increasing the chances of injury. Considering the issues with his wrist, Nadal will have a tough time at the Roland Garros.

This might come as a blessing for Novak Djokovic who is looking for his 18th Grand Slam title in Paris. Djokovic is in tremendous form this year with his unfortunate ‘default’ at the US Open 2020 being his only ‘defeat.’ In a year marred with controversies, good performances became his saving grace.

Winning the Italian Open 2020, Djokovic demonstrated his impeccable skills. Overturning a deficit to win in straight sets on clay, Djokovic proved that he is ready to rampage the French Open 2020.

Regardless, the weather factors will trouble all the players. Hence, it’ll be interesting to see them maneuver these conditions.

Given the fact Novak Djokovic is known for his ability to hold his own in adverse conditions, the French Open 2020 is a remarkable venue for him to claim his 18th.

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