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“Vulnerability is Good”- Victoria Azarenka Recalls Breaking Down at Australian Open

“Vulnerability is Good”- Victoria Azarenka Recalls Breaking Down at Australian Open

If there is someone who is on cloud nine today, it definitely has to be Victoria Azarenka. One ought to be, especially when you just knocked out a 23-time Grand Slam winner like Serena Williams. Moreover, Serena was the one who denied her two US Open titles. Victory is sweet but revenge is sweeter.

When Victoria started talking about her comeback trail, a journalist asked her about her first-round defeat against Laura Siegemund at the Australian Open 2019. Was that the point that changed everything for her? That emotional breakdown in the Melbourne press room?


“Well, that was a really tough moment for me personally. Obviously I’m the kind of player and person who shows their emotions, wear my heart on my sleeve. At some point, when bad things are happening to you and challenging things are happening to you, you can be a victim,” replied the 31-year-old Belarusian.

She stressed on that very moment. The breakdown. Every bit of it as it happened.

“I was saying that vulnerability is good. Having emotions is good. For me personally, feeling myself constantly as why things happen to me the way they happened was not beneficial. I stopped doing that,” Victoria added.

“I started taking more responsibility for what I do, for what happens to me. The responsibility of how I’m going to react to situations that helped me grow. That helped me become a better person than I am today,” concluded the US Open 2020 finalist.

“Taking responsibility helped me grow”- Victoria Azarenka

Victoria Azarenka in action in US Open 2020 semi finals
Victoria Azarenka returning a forehand of Williams in semi-finals of US Open 2020 Credit: Danielle Parhizkaran-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, the worst moments bring the best out of someone. What one can learn from Victoria is her ‘Never Give up’ attitude. It is important to hold your nerves in challenging situations. Work hard, take responsibility, and improvements will definitely follow.

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