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WATCH – Rafael Nadal Outplayed By His Sister in Tennis

WATCH – Rafael Nadal Outplayed By His Sister in Tennis

Rafael Nadal

After the Swiss maestro Roger Federer displayed trick shots by playing tennis at home, his arch-rival Rafael Nadal was seen hitting the tennis ball on the terrace of his house against his sister Maria Isabel Nadal (Maribel).

The 19-time Grand Slam champion Nadal is closer to his sister than his other family members and she is three years younger to him.

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World Number two Rafael Nadal seems to keep his fitness regime undisturbed during the quarantine period. The Spaniard ace often uploads his work out photos.

Also, a few days ago, Nadal was seen cooking in his kitchen. In fact, he was trying to convey to his fans to stay at home via that Instagram post.

“Little by little we are leaving this virus” – Rafael Nadalย 

Nadalโ€™s Spain is one of the worst-hit regions by the coronavirus. The widespread shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. Regarding the same, Rafa sent a message on his compatriots and urged them to be prepared for the worst.

โ€œI see it as everyone, first with concern to see all the disasters that we see every day on television and adapting to these new circumstances for all that has surpassed us,โ€ Rafael Nadal said.

โ€œThe reality is that, like all the changes in this life, it is necessary to adapt and it takes time, and hopefully it does not give to adapt completely and that little by little we are leaving this virus that is taking us to extreme circumstances.โ€

The champion has an aim to collect $12 million in order to help the Red Cross. Numerous Spanish athletes stepped in and donated their bit. Also, his arch-rival Novak Djokovic also gave a hand.

โ€œA huge thanks to Djokovic for the contribution to the #nuestramejorvictoria campaign helping those in need in the fight against Corona Virus. Class act Hvala Nole!โ€ Rafa thanked Novak.

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