“It’s an Opportunity Lost” – Navratilova on Roger Federer and Serena Williams’ Chances of Winning a Grand Slam

May 14, 2020 1:58 am

Grand Slams of tennis were canceled only during the times of the two World Wars. And now with the pandemic creating havoc, the deadly virus has dropped one of the pillars of the sport, Wimbledon in the year 2020. According to tennis legend Martina Navratilova, who served the WTA Tour for 30 years, Roger Federer and Serena Williams have lost a chance to clinch one more major title.

“Only war has stopped major tournaments happening, now we have this pandemic and for players like Roger Federer and, of course, Serena Williams, it’s time lost,” Navratilova mentioned while speaking to Laureas.com

Roger Federer and Serena Williams’ dilemma

Post her maternity hiatus, Williams twice made it to the finals of Wimbledon and US Open. And all the times, she failed to pull off a set in the finals. Presently, she’s stuck at number 23 in terms of her Grand Slam tally. America icon is trying her best to surpass Margaret Court’s record of 24 Slams.

Last year, Federer came close by an ace to clinch is 21st major title. However, a forehand unforced error and Novak’s passing shot denied him to live his reverie.


This year, the Swiss once again had a good chance to clinch a Wimbledon title, as he planned for a long break before the grass-major. But now the situation has changed. And, certainly, with the incoming of the break, he has lost an opportunity to claim one more major title.

With tournaments canceling in 2020, Navratilova feels Roger and Serena’s chances to win a major has been curtailed. “It’s an opportunity lost when you’re not getting any younger. If I was sitting in that position I’d be going nuts that I can’t play,” she said.

Big players at a loss

Indeed, the unusual halt on the circuit is a setback for all players in their 30s. They are not getting younger, and the new players also turning out to give a though competition.

“Everybody’s in the same boat, but for the old players like Roger and even Rafa Nadal and, particularly, Serena Williams, it’s more difficult, no doubt about it. I sympathize with them because this is an enemy you can’t rehab. You can’t fight against, you just hope it will go away and we can play next year,” she added.

Big Three

Novak Djokovic is right behind Roger and Rafa chasing the major titles, but I think the one that’s most affected would be Roger Federer because he’s the eldest by quite a bit. But you have to deal with it. As Billie Jean King said ‘champions adjust’.”

Previously, six-time major champion Boris Becker had a contrasting approach towards the break. He stated the old players are on the winning-edge and it won’t affect them, whereas the new players have lost a tennis lesson worth a year. 

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