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US Open 2020 Increases First-Round Prize Money By 5%

US Open 2020 Increases First-Round Prize Money By 5%

US Open

The fatal pandemic has left the regular tennis calendar in tatters by the cancellation of most of the tournaments. However, amidst all the uncertainties and unplayable conditions, the US Open 2020 found a ray of hope and moved forward to reignite the lamp of the sport.

This year, the USTA will be rolling out $53.4 million in prize money to all the players. It is roughly 95 percent of 2019’s total prize money. The remaining five percent i.e., $6.6 million will be contributed to the Player’s Relief which has been formulated due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re proud to be able to offer a player compensation package that maintains nearly 95 percent of the prize pool from 2019,”  Mike Dowse, USTA Chief Executive Officer, and Executive Director stated. “The prize money distribution for the 2020 US Open is the result of close collaboration between the USTA, WTA, and ATP, and represents a commitment to supporting players and their financial well-being during an unprecedented time.”

US Open 2020

 Earlier this year, USTA donated $1 million to the international player relief fund.

This year, the singles event has increased the first-round prize money by 5 percent when compared to last year. In 2019, first-round exits were given $58,000 this year they will be earning $61,000. The amount for the second and third rounds remains the same. The paychecks of the further rounds have been reduced by 15 to 20 percent.

In the doubles domain, the semifinalist, finalist, and champions will be receiving a curtailed amount of prize pool relative to 2019.

US Open 2020: Prize Money Breakdown

Grand Slams in tennis have been offering equal wages to both men and women, thereby, both the singles champion will earn a paycheck worth $3 million. The finalist will earn $1.5 million.



Doubles (per team)













Fourth Round



Third Round



Second Round



First Round



Wheelchair division’s prize pool

The US Open 2020 will also be hosting wheelchair events this year where all the participants will earn a collective sum of $350,000.

Source – US Open

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