WATCH: Grigor Dimitrov Shows His Abs To Venus Williams

April 8, 2020 1:30 am

The seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams is strictly obeying the rules and regulations laid down by the government and maintaining social distancing to her fullest. The tennis ace has set up a virtual gym on Instagram and holds live sessions on the weekdays. She promotes it with a hashtag #CoachVenus.

On Tuesday, Venus held a live fitness session alongside former World Number three Grigor Dimitrov. Before closing their session, Williams touched upon the topic of Grigor’s sleek six-pack abs.

Venus Williams and Grigor Dimitrov’s conversation

“Can show us the sample, and the kind of result we would expect?” Venus demanded. A reluctant Dimitrov with a smile said, “I can show some exercise.”

Later Venus insisted, “No, we were talking about the body results.” Later, Dimitrov continued and tried to keep away from the topic in a cute manner and said, “I’m not in shape right now.” But after elongating the conversation Grigor showed his abs and said, “here, it’s for you.”

And elevated Venus Williams hooted and said, “you are in great shape, I can’t show off my six-pack abs since I don’t have any.”

After the suspension of the tennis tour and nation-wide lockdown in the US, Venus came up with the concept of a virtual gym. “I’ve been doing workouts, Monday through Friday, kind of like a lunchtime break — 12 noon on my Instagram live,” the 39-year-old Venus Williams said.

Every day along with her, her fans are getting a chance to move around a bit and keep themselves fit. Venus will continue with the same till the time she resumes her tennis tour.

Venus Williams

“It’s been an incredible experience. The feedback has been great — keeping people motivated is a part of being able to be healthy and build those healthy endorphins; getting people up and moving during the middle of the day; and helping people still have hope and still be active, stay healthy and that we’ll get through this together. I’ll be doing this until further notice!” World Number 67 Williams added. 

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