EPIC: Grigor Dimitrov Battles Past Stefanos Tsitsipas at ATP Vienna

October 30, 2020 2:56 am

Two electrifying players were up against each other at the Round of 16 of the Vienna Open 2020. It was the World No.5 Stefanos Tsitsipas v former World No.3 Grigor Dimitrov. In an exciting clash, Dimitrov was able to conquer Tsitsipas winning 6-7, 6-4, 6-3. With the victory, the Bulgarian cemented his place in the quarter finals of the tournament.

It was an opportunity for Dimitrov to settle his dues with Tsitsipas. The two last faced off at the French Open 2020 where Tsitsipas won 6-3, 7-6, 6-2 in the fourth round. The Bulgarian fought hard, made a comeback and successfully avenged his earlier defeat.

Set-1: Stefanos Tsitsipas makes a terrific comeback at an exciting Tie-Breaker

Serving first, Dimitrov looked confident. He won the first point of the match and easily captured the first game. However, he could not continue the momentum. Tsitsipas was quick to sense his chance and equalized the scoreline in the very next game with a backhand winner. It was a tight contest. In the next game, Dimitrov struck again and took the lead. It was 2-1. But, Tsitsipas showed his intent in the very next game and levelled it again.

The fifth game saw no difference. Dimitrov yet again managed to establish his lead over Tsitsipas. The Greek player was doing too many unforced errors. However, he was not ready to give up as he again equalized the scoreline at 3-3. But, his happiness was again short-lived as Dimitrov won the seventh game and was leading again at 4-3. It was like the memories of the second set of the match between the two at the French Open 2020 were coming up.

Stefanos Tsitsipas was ruthless in the 8th game as he came, he saw and he conquered. Without losing a point, he equalized the scoreline at 4-4. But, Dimitrov exhibited his patience. He kept his calm and took the lead once again. Serving to save the set, Tsitsipas had to win the game. He didn’t disappoint his fans and levelled the scoreline at 5-5.

Dimitrov too comeback strongly in the next game. He served beautifully to win his lead back. Serving to save the set again, Tsitsipas showed why is he the World No.5. He performed brilliantly under pressure and took the game to a tie-breaker.

Tsitsipas had one of the poorest starts in the tie-breaker. He lost 5 straight points. However, what followed was something phenomenal. The Greek player managed to win 7 consecutive points and thus, won the 52-minute long set 7-6. It was one the best comebacks ever.

Set-2: The Momentum shifts towards Grigor Dimitrov

Serving first in the next game, Stefanos Tsitsipas continued his momentum. He managed to win the first point and the first game of the match with ease. Dimitrov had to find a way to take control of the match. He delivered a couple of well placed serves in the subsequent game and leveled the scoreline at 1-1. He carried his momentum forward and won the first break-point of the match. It apparently came in the 15th game of the match but Tsitsipas survived it and maintained his lead again at 2-1.

Bulgaria’s Grigor Dimitrov in action during his first round match against Russia’s Karen Khachanov REUTERS/Lisi Niesner

All this helped Dimitrov regain his momentum. The Bulgarian player didn’t let this golden opportunity go away and won 4 back-to-back points to secure the fourth game. It was 2-2 at this moment. In the next game, he went on to win 2 breaking-points and finally broke in the same set. There was clearly a momentum shift and for the first time Dimitrov was leading in the second set at 3-2.

Dimitrov continues his dream run and won another game-his third in a row. It helped him widen the margin at 4-2. But, Tsitsipas didn’t give it that easy and decided to fight. He eventually won the seventh game to reduce the lead to 4-3. However, Dimitrov was in no mood to take it further. He again won 4 straight points and was now leading 5-3. The Bulgarian was now just 1 game away from winning the second set.

Tsitsipas also gave it back to Dimitrov in the next game as this time he won 4 consecutive points to narrow down the margin at 5-4. Serving for the set, he earned 3 set-points. Tsitsipas managed to save 2 of them but eventually Dimitrov was able to win the set 6-4.

Set-3: Dimitrov maintains his dominance

Although Tsitsipas lost the first point serving first, he managed to win the game and take the lead 1-0. But, it looked as if Dimitrov was not ready to lose. The same story repeated and the scores were leveled. In the third game, Tsitsipas again took the lead and scoreline became 2-1. Dimitrov was quick to react and served amazingly in the next game to equalize the scoreline again.

Bulgaria’s Grigor Dimitrov in action during his first round match against Russia’s Karen Khachanov REUTERS/Lisi Niesner

But it was the fifth game that changed the momentum. Tsitsipas survived 3 breaking-points but Dmitrov finally broke and was now leading 3-2. It was the match changing game for him.

The next game was surely the most exciting game of the match. Tsitsipas won his first breaking point in the match but Dimitrov survived it. The game saw 3 deuces but Dimitrov ultimately emerged victorious and was now leading 4-2. Tsitsipas fought back and won the next game to narrow down the margin to 4-3. It was neck-to-neck.

Dimitrov was just not going to take it lightly at any moment. He continued the momentum and took his lead to 5-3 at the end of the 8th game. The Bulgarian was now just 1 game away from winning the match. He went on to win 2 match-points again in the subsequent game and won the match on his second match-point. He won the set 6-3.









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