US Open 2020 LIVE Updates – Serena Williams Vs Tsvetana Pironkova

September 9, 2020 9:40 pm

The biggest tennis court of the United States Arthur Ashe Stadium hosts the battle of the mothers between 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams and the comeback ace Tsvetana Pironkova at US Open 2020. Both have played each other four times previously in their careers and Serena has tried to maintain an unbeaten streak against Tsvetana. Today they lock horns to reserve their semifinal spot in the American Slam.

Set Three – The decider

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 6-3, 6-2

Serving for the place in the semifinal, her wild serves give her a 40-0 lead in the game with three match points. The fighting spirits being intact she closes out the set battle on the first match point!

Serena awaits the victor of Victoria Azarenka and Elise Mertens!


Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 6-3, 5*-2

Tsvetana seemed tired but she was giving her best to bounce back in the match. Williams drops some hefty winners and arduously responds to Pironkova’s tough strokes. She faces a break chance on 40*-Ad, but squanders it with an error.

Once again she faces a break opportunity and but this time she fearlessly seizes it for a 5-2 lead.

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 6-3, 4-2*

The American ace moves closer to her semifinal spot after holding her serve with an ace.

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 6-3, 3*-2

Pironkova produces an effortless service game in a while and holds her serve to 15.

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 6-3, 3-1*

Serena begins the game with her 17th ace of the match and produces a comfortable hold with the 18th ace of the battle of the mothers!

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 6-3, 2*-1

The Bulgarian ace produces big shots and the six-time US Open champion fails to give an optimal return. It seemed Pironkova would make an easy hold, eventually, after facing deuce she holds her serve for the first time in the set.

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 6-3, 2-0*

Serena continues to shower heft serves in the game and evidently Tsvetana remained to be a tough test. She moved Pironkova to and fro on the baseline, and takes that extra mile to hold her serve.

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 6-3, 1*-0

A shaky start from Pironkova as she trails by 0*-30, but her sheer concentration earns her a game point at 40*-30. Williams comes up with a winner for a deuce and then earns a break point. With the net chord obstructing she fails to convert it.

With a forehand winner, Serena once again brings the game to deuce and receives a break point with Pironkova widening her forehand. Again a deuce with Williams placing the return out.

With a lefty return once again, she commences the point straggling back and forth all around the court, she erases Pironkova’s advantage. Finally, she concludes the marathon game by leading a break early in the set!

Set Two – Serena Williams takes the set!

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 6-3

Williams bounces back from 15-30 down, she fires back-to-back aces and faces a set point. With the third straight ace, she pulls off the set 6-3.

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 5*-3

Williams works hard to pull off the crucial break, as she wins a 24-shot rally as Pironkova nets the ball and loses her serve.

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 4-3*

Pironkova misfires on two second-serve return at 30-30, Serena hit a second serve that was a few millimeters long on the TV review. That could have been a double-fault and break point if Pironkova would have challenged, but the point goes in Williams’ and Serena holds.

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 3*-3

After struggling in the past to services games, Pironkova holds to 15.

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 3-2*

Serena makes a comfortable hold!

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 2*-2

Unforced errors from Pironkova take the score to 30-30. Serena stays firm and peaks her defending skills for a deuce. The American earns a break point, but Tsvetana saves it with a fragile second serve and forces Williams to make an error in a prolonged rally.

With an angled volley she earns the advantage and with Serena’s wide groundstroke she seals the game.

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 2-1*

Serena plays a smart game on her first serves but her second serves point go simply haywire. She a game point on Ad*-40 but a lazer-like winner from Pironkova brings the game back to deuce. Altogether, Williams serves three aces in the game and battles to hold her serve at 2-1.

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 1*-1

Serena is back on serve as Tsvetana drops a few balls on the net!

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6, 0-1*

Williams opens the set with an aspiration to turn around the tables, but with Pironkova’s sliced forehands and Serena misfiring shots, she drops her serves.

Set One – Pironkova wins opening the set!

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-6

As Pironkova serves for the match, Williams commits an error on the first point. Tsvetana compensates her untimely double fault with an ace and serves out the set with a backhand winner from the baseline!

She’s one set away from her first semifinal spot at the US Open!

Williams vs Pironkova: 4-5*

Serena’s poor movement and flaws in her groundstrokes give Tsvetana a set point at 30*-40. The American comes to the net slams a risky forehand winner to erase the set point.

Tsvetana once again displays a beautiful lob and earns a set point at 40*-Ad, but Serene brings the game back to deuce and then holds the crucial game with an ace.

Williams vs Pironkova: 3*-5

Pironkova begins with an unforced error but her 82 MPH soft serves force Williams to make mistakes, and she effortlessly holds her serve.

Williams vs Pironkova: 3-4*

Daring start from Serena with her heavy breathing audible to everyone watching. She races to lead by 40-0 and holds her serve to love with an unplayable forehand cross-court winner.

Williams vs Pironkova: 2*-4

World Number 123 Pironkova opens her service with a forehand winner. Her clean tennis continues and Serena’s forehand on the net gives her a 40-0 lead. Playing smart on her second serves, keeping the ball in, Pironkova consolidates for a 4-2 lead!

Williams vs Pironkova: 2-3*

Pironkova throws a flat forehand and Williams drops the return on the net at 15-15. The Bulgarian continues to shower winners and earns a break point at 30*-40, Williams erases with an ace. Soon, she earns another break point and capitalizes it with a backhand down the line winner!

Pironkova Breaks!

Williams vs Pironkova: 2*-2

A clear start from Pironkova in the match and once again she takes a 40-0 lead, a back return from Serena goes a few centimeters wides and Tsvetana holds to love!

Williams vs Pironkova: 2-1*

Fearless serves from Serena continue and she leads by 40-15. But and unsteady backhand from the baseline gives Tsvetana a point, nevertheless, the GOAT player holds her serve with an ace!

Williams vs Pironkova: 1*-1

The duo hitting from baseline to baseline and with Tsvetana’s brutal hitting and serves she leads by 40-0. A net chord winner with Serena on the volley, Pironkova holds her serves to 15.

Williams vs Pironkova: 1-0*

The Bulgarian ace Pironkova gets on board for her first quarterfinal match in three years, and her opponent Williams is in search of her 24th Major title after having her daughter Olympia.

In the opening game, Williams takes an undaunted 40-0 lead with her impeccable serves, and Pironkova earns a point with a drop-lob combo on Serena’s court. An unforced error from Serena gives Tsvetana another point and eventually, she closes the game with a feisty ace!

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