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WATCH – When Serena Williams And Victoria Azarenka Exchanged Blows at French Open

WATCH – When Serena Williams And Victoria Azarenka Exchanged Blows at French Open

One of the most compelling rivalries on the WTA Tour,  Serena Williams vs  Victoria Azarenka has delivered a few enthralling matches in the women’s game. It began when Azarenka was a teenager, and the rivalry is still persisting with both of them serving the professional track as mothers.

But the two friends on the WTA circuit once played a heated-match at French Open 2015. It was their third-round match in Paris, and the duo exchanged gestures and words as the chair umpire announced to replay a crucial point.

After dropping the first set, Serena faced a set point in the second set at 5-4* (Ad). During the point, Azarenka released her serve to Serena’s backhand and then she placed a ferocious forehand right on the baseline.

Right after the ball bounced on the Parisian clay, it was ‘incorrectly called out’ and simultaneously Williams hit the ball on the net. Immediately, she insisted the call distracted her from playing the shot on Court Philippe Chatrier.

Serena Williams fumes at Victoria Azarenka

The chair umpire Kader Nouni overruled the call and ordered to replay the point. The Belarusian player Victoria Azarenka wasn’t happy with umpire’s call, she disputed and addressed the umpire: “The call came after she hit (the ball).” But the umpire disagreed.

Meanwhile, both Williams and Azarenka made an eye-contact with each other and there was a brief verbal altercation between themselves. The Belarusian waved her hand at the moment and said, “never mind” and went back to serve. To the hand gesture, Williams replied: “Don’t wave your hand at me girl. You don’t know me.”

The American won the subsequent point and simultaneously capitalized the set. And Azarenka was warned for a visible obscenity.

Sailing into the third set, with Azarenka’s driving winners she held a 2-0. But Williams was not ready to give up, she roared back, claimed the final six games of the match, and dispatched the Belarusian 3-6, 6-4, 6-2 from the third round of Roland Garros 2015.

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“I don’t get it” – Victoria Azarenka on chair umpire’s decision

Later in the press conference, Azarenka disagreed with chair umpire’s decision at the particular point.

“Sometimes we need to have a review…a damn review because it was so clear. That was so damn clear that you cannot make these mistakes at this level.” Azarenka said.

“But at that moment if you don’t have a review it’s causing a lot of problems. This rule is an umpire’s call, I don’t get it. How would you call that? She already hit the ball.”

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