Tennis Player Tests Coronavirus Positive at the On-Going ATP Challenger

August 18, 2020 10:39 pm

The ATP tournament of Todi was one of the first tennis events to show the path towards the unlock of the tennis world. Lifting the restrictions imposed on the sporting world meant rescheduling and restarting tournaments across the globe. However, with the deadly virus still lurking around, rules and regulations will have to be followed without a second thought.

Players and officials are required to undergo complete checkups in order to be termed physically fit to appear for the event. In case someone turns out to be positive, that person is expected to be in isolation under strict healthcare protocols.

ATP Todi Faces COVID-19 Scare

The ATP Todi Tour which is currently underway has faced some unforced errors outside the court. While it started off well, the returning test results for COVID-19 indicated a player had tested positive on August 17. In lieu of the necessary steps required, he is now in complete isolation.

The unnamed player is asymptomatic and the tournament physician and the ATP medical team are strictly monitoring him. A contact tracing procedure is underway in order to notify the ones who were in contact with him for the past few days. Local health authorities are to assess the player’s PCR profile and antibody tests. Following an analysis of these test, further steps will be carried out.

The Prague ATP Challenger too faced a similar situation to that of the ATP Todi. The positive result came out for the test carried out on Monday. As a result, the individual is under complete isolation.

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The ongoing pandemic had brought normal life to a standstill. Services were stopped as the entire world was in lockdown. However, with the world progressing towards the new normal, sporting events have resumed as well. As we are slowly adapting to the new way of life, precautions are a must in everyday activities, including those that happen in the sports world.

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