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Tennis Players and their Pokémon counterparts

Tennis Players and their Pokémon counterparts

Pokémons who resemble Tennis players

Pokémon Go has swept the gaming market and is currently the most trending thing.
With people going on continuous hunts to catch them all, it has taken the grown ups back to their nostalgic childhood. Not only the common folks, the celebrities and athletes too have shared their experience on the social media related to the game.

So, we decided to merge the two very contrasting worlds of Tennis and Pokémon. Take a look at the striking resemblances between some of them.

Kyrgios- Gyarados

Image: thedailystar
Image: thedailystar


Gyarados is known for its fierce temper and Nick Kyrgios is pretty much known for the same- his tennis skills have taken a back seat right now. It is also notoriously difficult to tame even after it is captured by the trainer, usually requiring an exceptional amount of hardwork in taming it until it can obey its trainer. So no surprise that Kyrgios has no head coach. Also, when the latter tweeted about catching this gigantic monster in Pokémon Go, it was pretty clear the Australian was the best fit for this intimidating creature.



Dustin Brown
Image: dailymail

Well, this one, purely on the basis of the looks. Tangela’s thick blue vines reminds of Brown’s unique hairstyle. The vines are known to constantly jiggle and sway! Competition for Brown? Only if it’d be real.

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