ATP Finals 2020 LIVE Updates: Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem

November 17, 2020 7:11 pm

As the tennis season curtains down in a few days from now, the ATP Finals 2020 is hosting fascinating match-ups on the men’s tour. The elite-eight men of tennis lock horns on London’s premier hard court, and on Tuesday, Spanish raw power Rafael Nadal and Austrian aggression Dominic Thiem set up a round-robin battle.

In 2020, the two warriors men once during the Aussie Slam wherein the new Grand Slam champion Thiem defeated defending Australian Open finalist Nadal in four onerous sets.

This time, in the UK they two tennis fighters and super-perseverant professionals are expected to deliver some groundbreaking tennis after bagging one victory each at the 50th edition of Nitto ATP Finals.

Second set – Dominic Thiem beats Rafael Nadal

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 6-6 (7-4) 

Thiem hits a stunning backhand winner to break Nadal at 4-3, his wizardry continues, and leads by 5-3.  He continues to hit corner to corner and once again earns three match points.

Nadal saves the fourth match point, and he converts the fifth one as Rafa places the ball out.

Dominic Thiem has done it!!

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 6-6 (3*-3) (*denotes next server)

Nadal takes the mini-break, but Thiem breaks back immediately at 1-1. Rafa hits an unreturnable overhead smash at 2-1 and Dominic comes back at 2-2 and smacks an overhead for a 3-2 lead.

Thiem hits the out and the set balances at 3-3, with Rafa on serve.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 6-6* (*denotes next server)

Rafa makes a strong start by making the Austrian run to and fro on the baseline. He holds to 15 as Dominic places the forehand out.

Another Tiebreak! 


Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 5*-6 (*denotes next server)

Disappointed after missing three match points, but Thiem holds to LOVE in the next game.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 5-5* (*denotes next server)

As Nadal serves to stay in the match, he makes a shaky start. He misses another point at 0-30 and the match seems driving on Thiem’s road. He misses an overhead smash, and Thiem earns three match points!!!

Nadal saves one with a hefty forehand, another ball rolled on the net Rafa saves the second match point, with Thiem hitting the ball out Rafa saves the third one.

Rafa earns an advantage with an ace, with a courageous rally on the next, Rafa survives in the match!


Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 4*-5 (*denotes next server)

Thiem continues to play great tennis, and Rafa gets frustrated as he misses a few returns. The game sails into deuce and Rafa misses another return and Thiem gets an advantage and immediately seizes the game.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 4-4* (*denotes next server)

After dropping his service game, Dominic begins with two hefty winners at 15-30. With Rafa placing the next ball out, the Austrian claims two chances to retrieve his lost service game.

With brilliant ball-striking from both men, Rafael Nadal, fortunately, saves one break point. However, Thiem playing stunning tennis with brutal strokes from the baseline and immediately breaks back!

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 4*-3 (*denotes next server)

Rafael Nadal hits a tricky shot that irritates Thiem, again the Austrian errors and Rafa gets a 0-30 advantage. Thiem comes back with witty overhead and an ace at 30-30. And continues to pave his way for a 40-30 lead.

Thiem hits a wide backhand and the game reaches to deuce. A wide forehand gives Nadal a break point and the 20-time Grand Slam champion slams his trademark shot “Forehand Lasso Winner” and seizes the first break of the match!

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 3-3* (*denotes next server)

Rafa plays a swift game and holds to 15.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 2*-3 (*denotes next server)

Dominic Thiem continues to play save on his serve and makes a LOVE hold.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 2-2* (*denotes next server)

Warrior Nadal plays a flawless game on his serve and climbs up to take a 40-0 lead. With Thiem making an error, Rafael Nadal holds to LOVE.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 1*-2 (*denotes next server)

Thiem applauds as Rafa hits a stunning forehand, but very soon, Dominic replies with an equivalently beautiful forehand at 15-15. The Austrian continues to dictate with his serve, but Nadal compels him to commit mistakes at 30-30.

With a smart shot, he quickly holds to 30.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 1-1* (*denotes next server)

Nadal has opportunities to close out the game to love, but Thiem commences to produce genius tennis and then holds to 30.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7 (7-9), 0*-1 (*denotes next server)

Thiem makes a convincing start, but with two errors balances the game at 30-30. Rafael Nadal faces the first break point of the match as Thiem flaws. But he saves it with a laser forehand. Deuce!!

Once again, his amazing tennis continues with a big serve, he makes a gutsy hold!

First set – Dominic Thiem saves two set points to take the set 7-6(9-7) against Rafael Nadal

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-7* (7-9) (*denotes next server)

The brilliant tennis of tennis comes to an end with Thiem saving to set points and strikes a winner on the first one he faced.


Nadal vs Thiem: 6-6 (7*-8) (*denotes next server)

Thiem saves it once again, with the 20th winner of the set! And earns a set point with Rafa netting the ball.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-6 (7-6*) (*denotes next server)

But, Rafael Nadal nets the ball and simply balances the nervy set at 6-6! With a wide forehand from Thiem, Rafa earns a set point again.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-6 (6*-5) (*denotes next server)

With a big serve, Thiem balances the tiebreak at 5-5, but an untimely double fault gives Rafa the set point.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-6 (5-4*) (*denotes next server)

He retrieves one by a smart winner, and with Nadal placing the ball out, he gets back one more.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-6 (5*-2) (*denotes next server)

Lousy points by Thiem and Nadal takes away two more mini-breaks.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-6 (3-2*) (*denotes next server)

A double fault at 2-2, and two overhead smashes give Rafa the lead.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-6 (2*-1) (*denotes next server)

Rafa avenges the mini-break and smashes for a 2-1 lead.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-6 (0-1*) (*denotes next server)

Nadal opens the tiebreaks and lands up losing his serve.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6*-6 (*denotes next server)

Thiem runs back and forth followed by a tweener in the point, with Rafa overpowering, he takes the point at 0-15. Nadal returns a shaky ball, and Thiem leads by 30-15. Another return error from Rafa gives Thiem a game point at 40-15. Without wasting time, he seizes the game with a forehand winner.

Nadal vs Thiem: 6-5* (*denotes next server)

With Rafa dictating the play on his serve, he leads by 30-0. After a brutal rally, he loses a point after hitting it wide. Thiem drops an easy return and Rafa immediately counterpunches and later seals the game.

Nadal vs Thiem: 5*-5 (*denotes next server)

Both players make errors at 15-15, Thiem comes up with a sleek forehand winner for a 15-30 lead. Dominic constructs another sensational point with a soft touch and hefty inside out forehand at 15-40.

he closes the game once again with a forehand winner.

Nadal vs Thiem: 5-4* (*denotes next server)

Thiem delivers a ridiculous backhand return on 0-15, Rafael Nadal gets unlucky on the net, and drops another point on 0-30. With a hefty second serve, Nadal earns the point at 15-30.

His epic serving continues at 30-30 and then on 40-30. After a fascinating exchange, Nadal holds to 30.

Nadal vs Thiem: 4*-4 (*denotes next server)

Quality tennis from Rafa, baffling the young Austrian all over London’s turf. Thiem responds patiently to Nadal’s power and tactfully drops genius winners.

Once again, with a soft touch from the net, Thiem earns game point at 15-40. With Rafa’s return going wide, Thiem holds to 15.

Nadal vs Thiem: 4-3* (*denotes next server)

After the heavy game from Thiem’s serve, Nadal makes a swift hold.

Nadal vs Thiem: 3*-3 (*denotes next server)

Nadal vs Thiem: 3-2* (*denotes next server)

The Spaniard gives a free point to Thiem after widening a forehand, however, heft second serves from Rafa are giving a tough time to the Austrian.

Once again Rafa emerges to hit a swift volley from the net and easily holds to 15.

Nadal vs Thiem: 2*-2 (*denotes next server)

World number three Thiem plays a smart game with feathery touches and comfortable holds to 15.

Nadal vs Thiem: 2-1* (*denotes next server)

Rafa opens the game with an overhead smash and then nets a backhand at 30-15. A powerful second serve from Rafa resulted in a weak return from Dominic, and with an acute net game gives a 40-15 advantage to the Spaniard.

With Thiem making an error in the next point, Rafa once again makes an easy hold.

Nadal vs Thiem: 1*-1 (*denotes next server)

The Spaniard continues to play a smart game on the net and compels the Austrian to make mistakes, and leads by 30-0. Dominic makes a mini-comeback and balances the score to 30-30.

With a big serve, Thiem earns a game point and seals the game on the second serve as Rafa flaws.

Nadal vs Thiem: 1-0* (*denotes next server)

Rafa earns the first point as Thiem widens a backhand on the second serve. Dominic meditating on the point seizes the point after a 21-shot rally at 15-15. Unable to absorb the power from Rafa’s powerful lassos, Thiem nets the ball at 30-15.

With Nadal playing a crisp game on the net, he holds to 15.

The typical final touches to warm up, Vamos Rafa!

The two champs are ready! Battle #15

Stay tuned for LIVE updates…

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