Tennis Tournaments in Turmoil After the Cancellation of Indian Wells 2020

March 9, 2020 11:51 pm

The Indian Wells 2020 got cancelled amid public health emergency after a case of coronavirus was confirmed in the valley on Sunday. However, will the coronavirus fears led to the cancellation of more tournaments on the tennis calendar?

The tennis world is dealing with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak after the cancellation of the biggest sporting events in the world. Subsequently, the major announcement has raised concerns about if other big tennis tournaments will also be cancelled in the coming weeks.

Danger over Miami Open 2020 being cancelled

The outbreak of coronavirus has already led to the cancellation of various events in the city of Miami.  The ultra music festival that brings roughly 55,000 daily attendees to Bayfront Park has been cancelled. It was scheduled to run from March 20-22 and will instead be pushed back to March 2021. Furthermore, the Calle Ocho Music Festival, which brings thousands of fans to Little Havana was cancelled as well on March 15.

The Miami Open 2020 faces similar issues in bringing a large audience together. Last year, the tournament recorded a total attendance of 388,734 spectators. As the coronavirus is prompting other cancellation in the city, the Miami Open also seems to be on the verge of being suspended.

“The intent is still for Miami to operate,” WTA CEO Steve Simon said. “It’s obviously two weeks away. But right now our approach is we are planning to operate all of our upcoming events and put every precaution in place. But we will obviously continue to work with the event very closely and will have to monitor all the situations there.”

Coronavirus affecting tennis tournaments in Italy and Monte-Carlo

The tennis world moves to Europe in April for the clay season. The clay season also includes the Italian Open in Rome in May. With 366 deaths now confirmed, Italy is the most affected country by coronavirus after China. The country has lockdown its northern Lombardy region, which includes Milan, and 14 nearby provinces on Sunday until April 3.


The Italian Open 2020 is scheduled from 10th May to 17th May. However, the current situation does not look pleasant. Subsequently, the tournament is likely to suffer a major setback due to the foreseen circumstances.

On the other hand, Monte-Carlo Masters 2020 also seems to be on the verge of getting cancelled as the city is located on the border of Italy.

Coronavirus threatens Tokyo Olympics 2020

The biggest question on the 2020 sports calendar remains the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The prestigious competition is scheduled to begin on July 22. The organizers of the event are already considering an option of fan-free competitions. However, the Olympics still poses a danger of being cancelled.

The Asian swing which starts from September includes tournaments mainly in Japan and China. These tournaments have the potential to get cancelled with the COVID-19 outspread in the countries.

There has been a minor stall with other tournaments such as Barcelona Open 2020. The tournament was scheduled to have its presentation this Tuesday. However, it has been officially postponed due to the impending threat of the Coronavirus.

“It is too soon to speculate about what will happen to other tournaments that follow. We will continue to closely monitor the situation. Health and safety will always come first,” WTA CEO Steve Simon told The Times.

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