WATCH: Stefanos Tsitsipas Hits His Own Father During Meltdown Against Nick Kyrgios

January 7, 2020 6:39 pm

The two young players of ATP, Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas set up their second career meeting at ATP Cup 2020. Kyrgios defeated Tsitsipas 7-6(7), 6-7(3), 7-6(5) after playing insane tennis for two hours 34 minutes.

After dropping the first set, out of frustration Tsitsipas smashed his racquet. It unintentionally hurt his father’s right arm who was coaching him. Thereafter his father left the coaching stand. Following that his mom came down and spoke to her son. (Scroll down to watch)

Set One

The Greek lad Stefanos Tsitsipas began the match with an ace against Nick Kyrgios. With a sublime single-hand backhand on the baseline, Tsitsipas held his serve to love at 1-0.

That was quick!

The big server Nick did not hold back, with two aces and Tsitsipas’ unforced errors Kyrgios held his serve to love at 1-1. Tsitsipas once again served to love at 2-1. He earned his first point in the return game with a backhand winner and later Kyrgios held his serve at 2-2. In the next game, Kyrgios earned his first point in the return game as Tsitsipas made an error.

As the exhibition of serves continued, seven games were wrapped in 15 minutes. With a flurry of aces, Kyrgios closed out his service game in 58 seconds at 4-4. A few mistakes from World Number six Tsitsipas gave rise to the first deuce of the match at 5-5.

With the Greek lad cautiously responding to the Aussie’s returns, he held his serve at 6-5. Later within 53 seconds and a string of aces, Kyrgios pushed the set into the tiebreaker.

Set one tiebreak

A backhand winner on the first point Kyrgios raced to take a  3-0 lead in the tiebreak. Tsitsipas displayed wonderful defensive skills in the tiebreak, but with a risky touch, Kyrgios earned the point for a 4-3 lead.

Risky touch!

Kyrgios had a set point at 6-5 but an impatient forehand from his side kept the action on-going. The second set point witnessed a shot-making tweener from Nick’s end. Later with a ripped forehand on the third one, Kyrgios held the set 7-6(7).

Tsitsipas got a warning for unsportsmanlike conduct. He thwacked his racquet after losing the first set hurt his father’s right arm. Following that his mom came down and spoke to her son.

Furious Stefanos…

Later Tsitsipas’ mother seemed annoyed with his son’s behavior as he unintentionally hurt his father. She came from the perch and had a word with his son.

Set Two

The exhibition of serves continued in the second set. However, at 1-1, the first two break points of the match came into play. Nick saved both of them by making the Greek run back and forth. But on deuce Tsitsipas got the second warning for unsportsmanlike conduct and which was point penalty. Later Kyrgios held his serve at 2-1.

Entertaining tennis was seen in the later games with Kyrgios striving to outplay Tsitsipas on his serves. Followed by an underarm serve, Kyrgios led by 5-4 in the set.

Underarm serve!

With the service action continuing, the set once again progressed into the tiebreaker.

Set two tiebreak

With Kyrgios playing a little loose game Tsitsipas wrapped up the tiebreak 7-3.

Sailing into the decider…

Set Three

Their exhibition of serves was refusing to stop in the third set and both of them were nowhere close to losing their service games. The drop shots, shot-making, and aces prevailed from both sides and the two young men were putting up a great show.

A ripped forehand from Nick Kyrgios delivered his first break point of the match. However, by netting the ball on the next point the break point was erased. Thereby Stefanos Tsitsipas led by 4-3.  Playing some impeccable tennis on pressure points Kyrgios remained firm at 4-4. As the brilliant game continued the men progressed to play the third tie-break of the match.

Set three tiebreak

Tsitsipas could take a mini-break lead at 2-1, but followed by an unforced error in the next point, the tiebreak was balanced at 2-2. Kyrgios played from unpredictable tennis at 3-3 and electrified the crowd in Brisbane’s stadium.


Later in the tiebreak Kyrgios was inching closer towards the win and converted the first match point. He maintained his unbeaten record against his mate Tsitsipas and grabbed his second victory of the season.

What a match!

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