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“I’m Ready to Start a New Chapter:” Caroline Wozniacki Feels the Time is Right to Drop the Curtains

“I’m Ready to Start a New Chapter:” Caroline Wozniacki Feels the Time is Right to Drop the Curtains

Caroline Wozniacki 

After winning 30 WTA titles in around 15 years as a professional tennis player, 29-year old Caroline Wozniacki has travelled to Australia to compete in last major tournament of her career.

Speaking prior to 2020 Australian Open, Wozniacki said that she did not have any regrets leaving the sport she loves.

“So far I’ve just approached it like any other tournament,” Wozniacki was quoted as saying by WTA. “But obviously it’s different since it’s my last one. I’m just enjoying being out there. I’ve had some great practice sessions. I’ve done everything I could to prepare as well as I can for this tournament, then hope for the best.”

“I’m sure once the last ball is hit, it’s going to be a bit emotional.

What would make it more emotional is that her only Grand Slam title came in the Australian circuit in 2018. She would look the finish on a high in the tournament scheduled between January 14 and February 2.

Caroline Wozniacki- a hardworking career coming to an end

Known to have been talented in multiple sports as a child, Wozniacki took to tennis on her father’s recommendation. Her career ebbed and flowed since becoming a pro, where she managed to bounce back to the top from injuries on multiple occasions. In a career where she enjoyed 71 weeks as a World No. 1, she also experienced major slumps and periods affected by injuries. Wozniacki coming back to being World No. 1 after a record six years in 2018 is a testament of her love for the game and the work she puts into it.

Caroline Wozniacki

“I’ve achieved a lot,” Wozniacki said. “I’ve given it my all. Every single day I go out and I work so hard to stay at the top or to get back to the top, whatever it may be. It doesn’t feel the same. I still want to work hard, but I want to do something different. I want to try and achieve something else, some other things in life.”

At 29, Wozniacki felt she was ready to start a new phase in her life.

“Life is short. I know that the tennis career is short,” she said. “There’s plenty of time outside to do whatever I want. At the same time, you just have to go with what feels right.

“I’m out here, and I love the sport, I love everything that it’s given me, I love being out there and competing, but I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life.”

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