Tfue Accuses Bugha Of Teaming Up In Fortnite Solo Pro Scrims

April 27, 2020 8:04 pm

Turner Ellis Tenney, also known as Tfue, was playing Fortnite solo pro scrims the other day. He left the game after being suspiciously killed. Tfue claimed, with a replay video, to back it up that Bugha (Kyle Giersdorf, Fortnite World Champion) was teaming up with Avery. 

Bugha and Avery have played duos before, which is why the allegation sort of fits. Interestingly, Bugha was not streaming at that time. Without a doubt, Tfue and Bugha are definitely two of the most prominent Fortnite players right now. These two also have a history of not being too fond of each other. Professional rivalry aside, teaming up in a solo round does seem unethical for the very least.

Tfue quickly ended his game and went to the replay to check the names of the players. His friends did confirm the fact that Bugha and Avery are “buds.” Tfue was doing quite well for himself, considering it was solo pro scrims, and Bugha played it safe when Tfue came upon him. 

What Went Down In The Fortnite Pro Scrims Match

After Bugha and Tfue got in a fight in an apartment near Craggy Cliffs, something unusual happened. Bugha started playing safe and passive, which is quite uncharacteristic. Although we can pass it off as Tfue did have the upper ground at one point.

Then, things started looking real shady when another player targetted Tfue. It looked as if Avery was actually waiting and lurking for his proper window of opportunity. Tfue was already a bit low with the fight from Bugha, Avery just took it to him. So what is the suspicious part? It lies in the uncharacteristic gameplay from both Bugha and Avery.

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Is The Accusation Plausible?

Bugha and Avery have not teamed up in a while, but they have in the past. They do have a history of playing together, and since neither was on stream, it is difficult to prove. 

Tfue said, “I’m fighting this kid ⁠that landed there… he’s just farming, waiting for something, and then I just get lasered in the back through the window. We weren’t in the safe zone either.” This makes it much more doubtful than anything else. 

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