Tfue Returns to Fortnite, But Things Do Not Go As Planned

November 15, 2020 5:20 pm

Following a six-month break,  Turner Tfue Tenney finally returned to Fortnite. Despite being one of the biggest Fortnite content creators in the world, Tfue quit playing the game earlier this year.

Over the months, Turner had been adamant in his decision, and even the fans had no expectations for a comeback. However, the streamer recently tweeted that he’ll be streaming Fortnite, and fans went into a state of frenzy.

YouTuber ‘The Fortnite Guy’ spoke about Tfue’s comeback in a recent video:


Interestingly, Tfue’s comeback stream was not him fooling around and getting used to the changes in the game. He came back to play an actual competitive tournament in GlitchCon 2020.

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“Nothing”– Tfue messes up an interview before playing the Fortnite tournament

Tfue’s comeback was a monumental moment for his fans around the world, and certainly, the GltichCon 2020 hosts wanted to cover it. However, things did not go as planned as Tfue joined the interview while eating a banana.

“And right now, I’ve got Tfue on the line. He is currently in the middle of his pre-game snack. What do you do to get ready for an intense tournament like this?”. 

As per the situation, this was a decent question to start the interview. However, the host must have been expecting a better response than him saying, “Nothing”.

Following such an answer, the hosts cut Tfue off, asking no further questions. It was an awkward situation, to say the least. The streamer later explained that he didn’t like the question, and he really did nothing to prepare for the tournament.

Is this a new beginning for Fortnite’s long-lost content creators?

Just like many other content creators, Turner quit Fortnite for other games like CoD: Warzone. Regardless, Epic Games’ battle royale still has a huge user base and an active competitive scenario.

As a result, a lot of fans still expect their favorites to return and play the game. The Marvel-themed season 4 is definitely one of the best seasons in Fortnite, and even Ninja returned to the game and appreciated it.

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Based on the recent events, we might see veterans like Ninja and Tfue streaming Fortnite more often. However, from the looks of it, a full-time Fortnite comeback still seems impossible at the moment.

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