Tfue vs. Bugha The Rivalry Fortnite Needs

April 21, 2020 6:19 pm

Fortnite world champion Bugha took part in the FNCS competition just like Tfue, Scoped, and other Pros. Although they couldn’t lap up a victory for themselves, their rivalry was revitalized. Any Fortnite fan who loves these two knows that Bugha Vs. Tfue competition is one of the top pro-gamers rivalries. Besides the trash-talking, these two have also fought 1v1, faced off in championship competitions, safe to say they are the two biggest names repping the game right now. 

Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf rivalry earned quite a healthy amount of viewership. When these two were in the FNCS together, we really thought one of them is going to take the competition home.

However, that was not the case, as Tfue and Scoped didn’t even finish in the top 10, and Bugha could only manage a 5th spot. 

Tfue Bugha Rivalry Helping Fortnite

We all remember when eight months ago, Bugha, Dubs, and Bizzle lost to Tfue. He killed three of them singlehandedly near Salty Springs. Twitch feed went crazy after that. 

We also have several other instances where Tfue and Bugha went head to head. One of them includes a clip where Tfue did take Bugha out, but before that, he appreciated Bugha’s aiming skills. Comparing him to a controller player, that was indeed a compliment for someone playing on PC as that sort of impeccable aim needs skill.

Back in 2019, their rivalry was all that Twitch needed to spark up the viewership. As Ninja moved away to Mixer, fans kept wondering who would take that prime spot. Fortnite viewership on Twitch needed a spark, and these two pros jointly took the responsibility of filling that void. 

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FNCS Disappointment

Although these two are dubbed as top dogs going into the FNCS finals, neither of them could live up to the hype. While Tfue and Scoped could not make it out alive from The Grotty, Bugha and Liquid Stretch could only manage to make it to the top 5. Perhaps it was not their day, but that did not affect the game in any way. We always want to see new players winning tournaments, and that took shape in the finals. Safaroonie and NRG Zayt stood as North America East region winners.

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