Tfue Wins Massive Money Against Bugha, SypherPK, Nick Eh 30 in Fortnite Supergames.

April 24, 2020 1:37 am

Twitch Rivals hosted SuperGames featuring top streamers and professional athletes teaming up together in Fortnite. Tfue, Scoped, Mike Evans, and Juju SmithSchuster won the tournament. The prize pool of $150,000 for charity won by these guys was a decent amount. Several top Fortnite players took part in it, like Bugha, SypherPK, DrLupo, Nick Eh 30, FaZe Bizzle, etc. Similarly, several professional athletes took part in the competition, but only the best of the lot were allowed to team up with these streamers. 

This was one of the most happening events on Twitch Rivals, and it definitely lived up to the FNCS standards. Some might even say that it was much better than FNCS. The teams divided into groups of two, with two streamers and two pro athletes in a squad.

Who Were The Favorites In Fortnite SuperGames

The format included 5 design matches. The team considered as the alpha-dog consisted of Danny Jacob Barbir, Emad Nasif, Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf (Fortnite World Champion) and Christian Pulisic. This team definitely had some experience as we know Pulisic had already played with ninja before.

Nevertheless, it was not their day as surprisingly Tfue, and Scoped smashed this game from the start. However, neither Tfue nor Bugha had a good FNCS. Tfue could not even end up in the top ten. Whereas, Bugha only managed a top 5 finish during FNCS. 

All that did not matter here as Tfue and Scoped teamed up with Pittsburgh Steelers JuJu Smith-Schuster and Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Even these professional athletes had plenty of experience in Fortnite. 

How Did It All Go Down?

This was not a traditional Fortnite match as it followed the Blitz LTM rules. The storm kept moving faster than expected throughout the whole game. Thus all the previous experience didn’t matter much; what did matter was quick thinking and effective team healing. Here the fight was about survival from the storm and not about killing each other. 

These teams were playing for a charitable cause, and that helped them stay focused. However, Tfue and Scoped were literally kicking ass with their performance. A fifteen point lead from the ones who came second, now that’s the stylish way to do it.

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