“That’s His F****** Problem”- Dr Disrespect on his Beef with H3

October 26, 2020 11:01 pm

Dr Disrespect has been in the news lately for all the right reasons. His recent collaborations have been the talk of the town as he looks to grow his brand on YouTube. Following the controversy of his Twitch ban, Doc had a tough time dealing with his anxiety. Thankfully, he is coping well with it and is back to his “Violence, Speed, Momentum” days. Now, it seems he is ready for some more drama as he reignites his ‘beef’ with H3.

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H3 Podcast is a YouTube channel run by the husband-wife duo of Ethan and Hila Klien. The podcast is quite successful and it even has a great fanbase. Interestingly, Dr Disrespect was on the H3 podcast in 2017 where he revealed a lot of details about his life as a streamer. Although, what happened before they started shooting the podcast was a completely different story.

Dr Disrespect parked his Lambo in H3’s spot which is what kicked off the beef

In his latest video, a donor asked Dr Disrespect when he was going back on the H3 podcast. Doc replied, “We got into a huge argument, H3 and I. I don’t know if I should talk about it, I got to the studio before they did, on the day of the first podcast. I don’t know, parking spot right there in the front. Lambo.

“Secured the greatest spot in the entire parking lot I mean coz nobody is there! I guess he wasn’t happy about it. And you know what? That’shis f****** problem.”

The same video also contained a reaction clip from H3. Ethan actually confirmed this story and mentioned how there was more to it. When he found out Doc had parked in his spot, he keyed his car. In his defense, Ethan said, “I keyed it all the way down to the side. I’d do that to anyone who parks in my spot.”

He also then proceeded to DM Doc to settle the ‘beef’ that they have.

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This seems like yet another over-the-top Dr Disrespect incident where he may just be teasing a future appearance on H3’s podcast. His last appearance was in 2017 and since then a lot has changed for Doc. Now, since he is on YouTube full time, it’ll be interesting to see what he brings to the podcast in case it does materialize.

No matter what happens, no one messes with Doc’s Lambo and gets away with it. Things could get pretty messy in the coming days as both the parties set out to settle their ‘beef’.

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