“That’s Most Frustrating”: Milos Raonic Worried About False Positive Coronavirus Test at US Open 2020

September 1, 2020 8:37 pm

The uncertainty and chaos around the situation regarding Benoit Paire at US Open 2020 have forced all the players to voice their concerns. Western and Southern Open finalist Milos Raonic has joined his peers and raised a number of issues.

Raonic’s primary concern like many others is the lack of communication from the organizers and consistency with the rules. However, he also expressed that he is worried about a ‘false positive’ test for coronavirus. The Canadian player does not want to be penalized for something he did not do.

Milos Raonic worried about the genuineness of tests

I think 77 players in the NFL had false positives because they all went to a New Jersey Lab. We’re not that far from New Jersey, I don’t know where our tests are going,” Raonic said in a recent interview.

“The part that’s most frustrating, even myself being as cautious as possible. And I don’t know if there are many people who can rival the things we’re going through and the precautions we’re taking. But I’m still nervous before the test because it could be a false positive,” the towering player added.

Doing everything you can, you can sort of also be penalized in a way, for errors, that weren’t committed by you,” Raonic continued.

Lack of consistency in rules from US Open 2020 organizers

Raonic’s worry with the lack of consistency again circles back the debate to the case of Hugo Dellien and Guido Pella. The two players tested negative but were quarantined. They were withdrawn from the event after their trainer tested positive.

However, the 11 players who came in close contact with Paire are allowed to play under different protocols. Raonic said there is confusion about that as well among all players.

“I think the thing that’s most discomforting about it is the changing back and forth. I think we were all looking for a clear, set rule, which Guido and Hugo didn’t feel like they got the first time,” Raonic said.

He added, “I think what would have been appreciated – and I don’t know if it’s even possible – is just a little more consistency. And a little bit more awareness of where do we stand when something happens.”

Another big question that Raonic has is how Benoit Paire was infected inside the bubble. He had multiple negative tests prior to that. “I think there are so many factors to it, right? Benoit’s had tests where he’s been negative since he came here. So you sort of look at it and think, how did he pick that up in the bubble?” Raonic asked.


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