“That’s Where the Problems Lie” – John Millman Not Optimistic About Tour Resumption

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The tennis season has already suffered quite the setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After the first couple of months taking place as scheduled, the rapid spread of the virus forced the official bodies to cancel events and ultimately suspend the Tour until June 7. While event organizers are hopeful of the season resuming after that, John Millman has his doubts.

With the ever increasing cases of the COVID-19 disease world over, life is far from getting back to normal. As you should know by now, social distancing is the best counter we have to the disease. Social distancing means no public events, which means sporting events are off the agenda for the near future.

John Millman expresses his thoughts on season suspension

The ATP, WTA and ITF officials are hopeful of a resumption in time for the grass swing of the season.

John Millman, though, thinks otherwise. He believes the diversity of the players from various different countries, across the globe, puts tennis in a precarious position.

“Maybe the tournament location has got the COVID-19 situation under wraps and then manage to contain it. But if someone’s flying in from South America, say, and their country hasn’t got a hold of it, then the tournament can’t go ahead. You can’t have the tournament going when only certain players can get there. I think that’s where the problems lie.”

Millman believes that there are only two ways out of this situation.

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“It’s almost like we have to have a vaccine or the virus has to run its course before there’ll be any let-up there.”

What about Wimbledon?

While the French Open officials have already announced the revised dates of the event, Wimbledon officials have maintained they are hopeful of going ahead as usual. Again, John Millman does not agree.

The Aussie expects The Championships to be canceled after the emergency meeting scheduled for next week.

Tennis players are hurting financially, or at least the lower ranked players are. Tennis provides remuneration based on performances rather than a periodical salary. And while John Millman rues not being able to earn money right now, he knows there are others who have it tougher than him.

“You’re used to a bit of money coming in and obviously that’s not the case anymore. Yeah, it’s tough. It’s just not easy. You try and make do. But I don’t want to be a sob story, that’s for sure, because I know Australians are doing it a lot tougher than me. When we’re talking about someone’s health as well, it’s pretty serious, and that’s when it puts it into perspective.”

All said and done, Millman thinks that the best case scenario would be a resumption of the Tour in August or September.

John is a smart person and what he says here makes a lot of sense to me. However, I hope he is wrong and we can somehow manage to halt the COVID-19 spread in time to resume before Wimbledon.

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