The Birth of a Mercedes Formula One Car


Recently, on Facebook and Youtube, Mercedes AMG Petronas released a video where they talked about their 2019 car. Technical director, James Allison spoke of how their 2019 beast was conceived. According to him, work on the W10 began as early as the latter months of 2017.

He said, the earliest parts of that new project was the power unit and the chassis. Their job is to pinpoint the goals that the new car must achieve. They need to find every bit of performance that the previous car lacked.

Allison admitted that it would be an arduous affair, hence the need to start as early as possible. He rubbished the notion that the winter break is quiet for everyone, instead, the factory is very busy throughout the year.

The personnel conceive and design the car while the season goes on. Winter is the most important part of the year as months of hard work finally culminates into something concrete.

Each part that arrives in the factory is tested individually and then assembled in stages and tested again and again. Allison continued, saying that the first fire up is a very poignant moment for everyone in the factory.

The car build is the most important moment in the life of a Formula One team. Even the manufacture of the car is equally important. Different parts of the team endure the same amount of pressure. Interestingly, even though the drivers themselves are physically absent, they are treated as if they are still there in the factory.

This is mostly because the drivers are busy preparing for the upcoming season. Even during the season, the drivers sit with the team after every session and provide data on the feeling of the car in every corner and straight.

Allison also spoke about the importance of the shakedown which determines whether the car will be competitive.