The Customized Shoes of Novak Djokovic

The Serbian legend of the ATP Tour Novak Djokovic turned professional in 2003 and back then he was spotted head-to-toe in Adidas sports gear but later in his career he has been switching multiple sponsors for his apparels. Post Adidas the Serb dealt with Sergio Tacchini and Uniqlo, and presently he is using Lacoste. However, his shoes were sponsored by Adidas (until 2018).

In 2011 Djokovic started using Adidas Barricades and continued wearing them until 2018. In January 2018, he signed his contract with the Japanese footwear brand ASICS and since then he has been having a triumphant partnership with them. The Serbian champion states that ASICS has the ‘best shoe technology’ and currently he uses the personalized version of the footwear.

In Melbourne, where Novak Djokovic picked up his 15th Grand Slam title at Australian Open 2019, he was spotted wearing ASICS Court FF 2. These shoes are exclusively designed and re-engineered by Djokovic himself. The Serb cooperated with the research and development team of ASICS for six months, he shared his insights and addressed his on-court requirements to them.

Novak Djokovic

The key features in the shoes such as Twistruss and mono-sock construction ensure better agility and quick movement of the player. An ideal Twistruss provides a better rotation. Also, the internal twist reduces the weight on the sole and shoes are extremely light in weight.

“I was definitely emphasizing lightness of the shoe that would help my speed but also provide good stability. I’m really keen on having a good Twistruss to be able to have the right rotation. So, the balance between that was definitely a big challenge, but ASICS has the best shoe technology, so it seems like it has been achieved,” Novak Djokovic mentioned.

The technical team worked meticulously to fulfill the requirements of the most elastic tennis player on the ATP Tour Djokovic to support his sliding style of tennis.

Novak Djokovic’s shoes

The Court FF 2 edition is similar to Gel-Court FF (which Djokovic was using in 2018). The term ‘FF’ refers to the FlyteFoam cushioning feature throughout the midsole. In the latest edition, the outsole is completely modified and in this model, speed meets stability, durability, and comfort (as stated by the merchandising manager ASICS)

Not too long ago Novak Djokovic also shared an interesting insight regarding the symbols on his shoes. One of them is his logo and the other one (on the throat of the shoe) is the Reiki symbol- which represents ‘all the energy of the universe is concentrated here and now.’

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