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“The Flying Knee Was Outstanding” : Ben Askren Looks Back at Jorge Masvidal Knock Out

“The Flying Knee Was Outstanding” : Ben Askren Looks Back at Jorge Masvidal Knock Out

Ben Askren was undefeated and world champion in multiple organisations before coming in to the UFC. Askren won his debut against Robbie Lawler and called out Jorge Masvidal. What happened next was nothing less than a major upset. Jorge Masvidal knocked out Ben Askren in 5 seconds with a flying knee. That was the fastest knock out recorded in UFC history and it also marked the first loss in Ben Askren’s resume.

Well, as much outspoken Ben Askren was before the fight, he handled the loss very well and he is ready to get back into the octagon again with arguably the best grappler UFC has to offer, Damian Maia. However, the loss against Masvidal is still the talk of the town. While asked about the loss against masvidal by Matt Serra, Askren said:

“I definitely did not think at any point I would go to sleep from one strike. Obviously, you see it happen. But I don’t want to say it’s a sense of invincibility but it’s just like I had a pretty good defense. I mean I didn’t get hit to the point where I am dropped in 19 fights. And I fought some pretty good strikers along the way there.”

Ben Askren

Although Askren still considers Masvidal “dumb” and “annoying”, he has nothing but good thing to say about Masvidal’s fight plan against him. Askren talked about that flying knee and said:

“To his credit, I don’t like the guy at all. I think he is annoying as shit. But to his credit the flying knee was outstanding. One of the thing that was great about it is he threw it at a different speed than anyone has ever done. “

Askren looked back at the mistakes he made in his fight against masvidal and said he misjudged the knee. In Askren’s defense there is not much you can do against a knee like that. Askren admitted that he had never seen anything like Jorge’s flying knee before:

“That probably why I misjudged where it was coming from. I misjudged the speed with it was coming at me cause he freaking ran into it. How could I prepare for that. Never seen anyone do it.”

Ben Askren is going to fight Damian Maia in the October in the main event of UFC Singapore. Well, Ben Askren is not going to get a title shot anytime soon, however a win against Maia will certainly put him in the mix for the title.

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