Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba

Manchester United star Paul Pogba, who has been rumoured to be unsettled at Old Trafford for a while now, drops another hint towards an exit from the club.

Speaking to ESPNFC, Pogba assured of his commitment to the club at the particular moment, but his his future at the club is still a “question mark.”

“I am always good whenever I play football. It is what I love—it is my job. I give the maximum each time I am on a green pitch,” Pogba said. “Obviously there have been things said, but only time will tell. This question mark remains.

“However, as I said, I am here in Manchester. I enjoy playing with my team-mates and I always want to win every game. I always give it everything.”

The most attractive match of the opening weekend of the Premier League 2019-20 saw Paul Pogba take field for Manchester United against Chelsea at Old Trafford.

Pogba is seen playing in different roles under the Norwegian manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, and said that he was ready to adapt according to the situation.

“That has been there for a while now — since before this season,” he said. “In terms of organisation, it is a bit more like how I play with the French national team. It does not bother me where I play, whether it is higher or lower, we adapt and enjoy. The team too, we were much better coming out of the back and that is something to keep going with in the coming games.

The Frenchman was hugely influential in the 4-0 victory where he set up two goals for United. He started the game in a deeper role, after which he moved up front, setting up goals for Marcus Rashford and debutant Daniel James.

Speaking of the goal that he set up for Rashford, he said, “Rashy (Rashford) and I understand each other well. We try to do a maximum number of passes like that. I am starting understand his calls for the ball too and that enables me to find him like I did.”

Pogba was also full of praise for his new 80 million Euros teammate Harry Maguire, calling him “the beast.”

“I call him ‘The Beast’,” Pogba said. “Honestly, as you saw, he was really impressive. He is a leader. He fit right in with us in training. We talked about controlling the defence well and he has a good understanding with Victor (Lindelof). It was a very good match to start with from the whole team,” he was quoted as saying.

“In the first half, we were dominated in terms of chances and possession, but we reacted in the second. Our changes enabled us to take over. We were better in possession and in terms of chances. We were lucky to have the lead through the penalty in the first half, but after a bad start, we finished the match well. We are satisfied with our performance.”