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The Greatest NBA Finals in Basketball History

The Greatest NBA Finals in Basketball History

The NBA post season is where star players fine or when a team steps up together and lead them to glory. The post season ends with the NBA finals where the Western Conference and Eastern Conference Champions face off. The legacy of some of the greatest players are sealed here. So we look at some of the greatest NBA finals in the sport’s history.

nba10. Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat, 2011

Dallas wins 4-2


This series was significant due to a handful of reason, not the least of which was Dirk Nowitzki’s reprisal following the 2006 Finals collapse against the previous manifestation of the Heat Team.

The series started out with Dallas up in the series by 2 games but lost other 4 games in a row with the help of Dwyane Wade boatload of foul shots.

In 2011, Nowitzki and the Mavs took their revenge with an exactly opposite winning stats lost the first 2 games and won the championship with 1 game in hand.

After the Heats big blowout from the finals this lead to a devastating blow to the Heat and James, who were in their maiden voyage as a newly formed Big three.

This loss of the Heat was dishonored by the media saying that James wasn’t clutch, championships can’t be bought, etc.—plagued James and the Heat until they broke through the following season.

Obscure, but interesting.

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