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The Last Of Us 2: Why Fans Are Calling Naughty Dog Out for False Advertising

The Last Of Us 2: Why Fans Are Calling Naughty Dog Out for False Advertising

The Last of Us 2

Mere hours following its release, fans bombarded The Last Of Us 2 with poor reviews and online scores. However, this wasn’t a result of players finishing the game as that would simply defy the laws of time and physics. The collective hate stemmed from a beloved character’s early demise in the game.

As players eventually finished the entire game, the scores and reviews gradually improved. However, a certain section of fans accused Naughty Dog of false advertising. This is a strong allegation that is more grey than black or white. Here’s why.

Also, major spoilers ahead.

The Last Of Us 2 trailers – smoke and mirrors

Whether its gaming studios or production houses, the trailer preceding a major release plays a big role. A well-crafted trailer that leaves the average viewer curious and wanting more is generally a sign of success. Unfortunately, a good trailer sometimes involves gameplay that could entice or influence a player’s decisions to a great extent, but may not always be what it seems.

It would be harsh to simply brand The Last Of Us 2 trailers as ‘false advertising.’ Yes, fans have a genuine reason to be upset, but it’s not because of Naughty Dog failing to deliver something.

Misdirection is a powerful tool that can make or break a bigger entity that follows. Some fans believe Naughty Dog deliberately misled fans into falling for a concept that was purely fictional.

In the original trailers for The Last Of Us 2, Naughty Dog gives Joel plenty of screen time. As fans, the majority of us expected the sequel to be another horror-adventure featuring Joel and Ellie.

As we now know, this wasn’t the case whatsoever. The game’s antagonist- Abby, kills Joel a few hours into the game. This was a big reason behind the hate and the catalyst that triggered thousands of negative reviews.

Joel’s “disappearance”

But it doesn’t end there. If fans recollect, the trailer shows Joel rescuing Ellie while she’s off on a revenge quest.

“You think I’d let you do this on your own?”

10 words that kept echoing in my head, which kept me going with the false hope of Joel actually turning up again.

We did hear those words again but not by the character we’ve grown to love. In many ways, this particular moment was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Many fans took to social media to vent their frustration. Killing Joel off to set up an engrossing story isn’t a bad idea, but the fact that Naughty Dog chose to lead players down the wrong path, is what’s causing a minor outrage.

As of now, the game is still receiving mixed reviews. While some are lauding the studio for producing yet another masterpiece, others are questioning several plot holes within the sequel.

What did you make of the Last of Us Part 2?

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