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The Last Of Us Part 2 Director Open Up on Hateful Feedback

Published 07/02/2020, 7:36 AM EDT

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The Last Of Us Part 2 was PS4’s biggest release this year. It became PS4’s fastest-selling exclusive of all time and sold around 4 million in just 3 days. And why wouldn’t it? This sequel to the original came after a seven-year-long wait. The fans appreciated the stunning gameplay, amazing storyline, well-written characters.

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But with great hype, comes great responsibility and fans expected nothing less from Naughty Dog. The game received mixed reactions from the audience. People were showering heaps of praise on the game’s brilliant Hollywood-esque story, the others were bashing it for being ‘false advertising’ and it being ‘just another revenge story.’

Fans were very unhappy with the way Naughty Dog showed a dialogue between Joel and Ellie in the trailer only to find out they kill Joel a few hours into the game. It’s not uncommon for a game to receive mixed reactions. But TLOU holds a special place in the hearts of the fans because of the sheer brilliance of the original.


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Interview with The Last Of Us Part 2 director Neil Druckmann


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Game director and co-writer Neil Druckmann in an interview with ‘Talking Games with Reggie and Harold’ says that it is hard to argue with fans who have their own opinions of the game and that he can’t believe how attached people are to a fictional character. He also says

“I think you have to create some separation to say, we made this game, we believe in this game, we’re proud of this game, now it’s out there and it’s like whatever reaction people have–whether they like it or not–that’s fair,” Druckmann said. “That’s their reaction and you don’t fight that. The other thing with the more hateful stuff, the more vile stuff, that’s a little harder. It’s especially harder when I see it happening to team members or cast members who play a particular character in the game.”


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One of the actresses who plays a particular character in the game (name not revealed), has been getting some very ‘vile’ & ‘awful’ stuff, Druckmann said. He said he tries to ignore the hate but once it goes beyond a certain point, he has to report it to the relevant authorities. Toxic fanaticism is not uncommon in the gaming industry. But it needs to stop when it starts affection someone personally.

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In the interview, he also mentions how he was in touch with the writer for Chernobyl Craig Mainz. They are working together on the HBO TV series of TLOU. He said that Craig mentioned that there is a cost to doing something big.

No matter what the haters say, TLOU 2 is a brilliant game and the storytelling is absolutely beautiful. All we can do is wait for part 3 to come out & hopefully we won’t have to wait seven years this time.



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