The Last Of Us Part 2 Opens To A PS4 Record

June 27, 2020 4:55 pm

The Last Of Us Part 2 became one of those games surrounded by maximum hype and intrigue prior to release. After the successful launch of the original title on PlayStation 3 in 2013, fans eagerly waited seven years for a worthy sequel. Naughty Dog finally released The Last Of Us Part 2 on PlayStation 4 last week. Since then, the game has garnered immense popularity and acclaim.

The action-packed sequel blends adventure with elements of survival and horror. Centering on a post-apocalyptic setting, the game sparks a variety of emotions while expanding on the relationship between characters. The world is not only more incredible this time, but equally dangerous as well. With enhanced gameplay mechanics, ultra-realistic graphics, and compelling storytelling, it seems nothing short of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Being a highly anticipated title and coming off the massive success achieved by its prequel, the second installment had a lot of expectations to live up to. Now, judging by the sales figures, it has indeed exceeded expectations. Within a week after launch, The Last Of Us Part 2 is now the biggest PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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The Last Of Us Part 2 becomes fastest-selling PS4 exclusive

On June 21, Sony Interactive Entertainment shared the news in a blog post from Eric Lempel, Senior Vice President of PlayStation Worldwide Marketing. The Last Of Us Part 2 is now officially the fastest-selling first-party PS4 exclusive ever. Naughty Dog released the game on June 19, and by the third day, June 21, it sold more than 4 million copies worldwide.

Marvel’s Spider-Man previously sold 3.3 million copies, and God Of War made 3.1 million sales during their first three days. The 4 million copies sold during the first three days of the survival game, overtakes the 2.7 million opening week sales for Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4, by quite a margin. The Last Of Us Part 2 has also toppled off Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Its launch weekend sales are around 40% higher than the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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Game director’s message on reaching the milestone

Neil Druckmann, director and Naughty Dog’s vice president, had a message to share for the remarkable feat.

We are so immensely grateful to the millions of fans around the world that have played The Last of Us Part II and shared their experiences with us over the last week. We set out to tell a new kind of story, one that deals with difficult themes and would challenge you in unexpected ways. Hearing how the experience has resonated with so many of you and witnessing the type of thoughtful discussions it has sparked has been so incredible.

“The Last of Us Part II was made possible thanks to the efforts of the hundreds of talented and passionate developers here at Naughty Dog. We can imagine no greater honor than seeing that same passion mirrored by the people playing it. Thank you for helping us reach this amazing milestone.”

The game has deservingly received positive reviews and is truly a generational masterpiece by Naughty Dog.

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