“The most important thing for me is the family and friends” – Roger Federer

February 21, 2019 1:37 am

The World Number seven tennis player, Roger Federer is dwelling on the 21st tennis season on the men’s tennis tour, and over these years the Swiss legend has picked up 20 Grand Slam titles. Undeniably, as time passes everyone gets on in years and so does the GOAT tennis player. His first Grand Slam title was clinched in 2003 on the grass courts of London, and 16 years later he is still in the quest of his ninth Wimbledon crown. The eight-time champion on the grass, Roger Federer will be turning 38 this year and the doyen of tennis refuses to keep his racquets aside.

Roger Federer

As Federer’s Madrid participation goes viral and the tennis world is excited to see him play once again on the red dirt after three years. Roger Federer has coped up to stay in fine fettle and over the past two seasons, his body did not give him any trouble. After his despairing loss to the Greek lad, Stefanos Tsitsipas at the Australian Open 2019, Federer decided to take some time off from tennis and vacationed for a few days. “I retire myself in a selective way after big tournaments,” Roger Federer mentioned. “I just spent ten, 12 days on holidays after the Australian Open, in the mountain just with my friends and family.”

Roger Federer spends his vacation with his family

Sometimes, it is necessary for an individual to detach from their scheduled routine and carry out something unusual for better productivity in their work and effective functioning of their body and mind. Similarly, Roger Federer alluded to the fact that these breaks from tennis assist him to bolster his performance on the tennis courts and to create constructive results on the circuit. Certainly in sports, as the sportsman grows older the physical efforts have to be astutely dealt and the time off the field becomes much more significant.

“I need it. I can recharge my batteries,” Roger Federer said. “The reduced tournament’s schedule helps me. When I was younger, these breaks were less important.” Federer has not reached the last four level at the recent three majors. With that, Roger Federer apprised about his post-tennis plans, “I will keep making public appearances. But what I definitely do not want is to travel and keep being in the spotlight as always. That’s why I was reluctant with making post-career plans. The most important thing for me is the family and friends,” he added.

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