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“The Objective Is Clear- to Get 11 Million Euros” – Rafael Nadal Instigates Countrymen

“The Objective Is Clear- to Get 11 Million Euros” – Rafael Nadal Instigates Countrymen

Spain is going through a devastating time with the coronavirus disease taking a toll on the nation. The COVID-19 is breaking down all fields of life, meaning it not only affects your health, but also the economy, your way of life and indeed the quality of life. Amid all the chaos and destruction, Rafael Nadal has stood up and kick-started a campaign to help out his country in these trying times.

Spain now stands as the second worst-hit nation with the COVID-19. Just yesterday, Spain surpassed China in terms of deaths caused by COVID-19, with a total of 3,434 deaths. That is a truly chilling number. They are in dire need of some help to ease their suffering and ensure that they have the monetary provisions to provide medical care for all patients.

Rafael Nadal urges everyone to help out

Rafael Nadal, a Spanish national hero, has taken it upon himself to rally the people and help out. The 19-time Grand Slam champion tweeted out his plan to the world as he urged others to do their part and chip in.

For those who do not speak the Spanish language, we have attempted to translate his words as best as we can.

“I have been thinking for a few days about how I can help and contribute my grain of sand. After giving it a lot of thought, I have come to the conclusion that all the Spanish people have never failed us, athletes. You have always been by our side. We are what we are thanks to your support and now we cannot fail you. The objective is clear, to get 11 million euros to help 1,350,000 people. Pau and I have already made our donation, we trust you because this is going to be our best victory.” 

This hardly comes as a surprise from Rafa. All throughout his career he has been a pristine gentleman and an empathetic person. He has always maintained that it is a privilege to be in the position he is in.

The Spaniard has already donated money along with Spanish basketball player Pau Gasol. Let us also do our part in helping out and following Rafa’s example. In times of despair, solidarity is the way forward.

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