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The Story Behind Robert Kubica Choosing Number 88

The Story Behind Robert Kubica Choosing Number 88

The dream of a number of fans came true when Williams Racing announced that Robert Kubica would be racing for them in 2019. Now, ever since 2014, the drivers have been choosing their racing numbers. Now, Kubica has chosen his number to race with, 88.

Recently, on the Williams team’s Youtube channel, he explained why he chose that particular number.

He explained that his favourite number is 8, but since Romain Grosjean is using it already, he has opted for 88. The number was last used by Indonesian driver Rio Haryanto in 2016.

He went on to say, “In Italy they say that two is better that one. That’s why I chose 88 and am looking forward to racing in 2019.”

He admitted that he was looking forward to the off season because even though he wasn’t racing, he was involved in various things. Due to all this, Kubica said that it was good to recharge one’s batteries.

He also said that the winter season is also there so he has to be mentally and physically prepared for the coming season.

The Polish driver will be partnered by British youngster, George Russell, driving the number 63 car. While many have been excited about Kubica’s return, other have been apprehensive.

Ferrari driver, Sebastian Vettel has confessed that he has mixed feelings about Kubica’s return.

“On the one hand, it pleases me personally. No one can even imagine how hard it was for him and what he went through.

“On the other hand, there are also young drivers who deserve a chance,” the Ferrari driver added.

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