The VJM10 breaks cover: First Impression & Twitter reactions

February 22, 2017 8:59 pm

The 2017 cars are beginning to break cover and after Williams, Sauber and Renault it’s Force India’s turn.

To be honest, I was disappointed with Williams, their car looked nothing but an elongation of last year’s car with necessary modifications in the rear wing. The Sauber came and it felt a little better with the new livery. While Renault’s car looked a stunner I was eagerly anticipating Force India’s 2017 iteration because of the midfield team’s uncanny ability to interpret rules in a very creative way.


But to my horror the nose is very unexciting to say the very least. It is indeed an evolution of the nostril nose of last year and very clever designing by the way but not at all pleasing on the eyes.

Further back the Silverstone based team has included a stepped nose ala 2012 and the bargeboards below extend very very very closer to the front wings.

Behind that the team has a fast and flowy body but with smaller side pods and opening and the main inlet features a triple opening design which tells us that the Merc engine has perhaps retained its thermal efficiency.

The car sports a predominantly silver livery which is if you ask me meh!

The low-slung rear wing confirms the Johnnie Walker sponsorship that the team has earned but the shark fin looks completely staid and it feels like that the team ran out money by the time they reached that area.



All in all the VJM was a bit disappointing for me, head over to the next page to see what Twitterati feels about it.

I was disappointed by the the Force India and particularly by the nose and it seems Twitterati had the same opinion:

A lot of fans had expectations from the team and they were not kind wiith the result.

Now all eyes are set on when the car reaches Melbourne and the season begins and this guy’s tweet perfectly sums up what the fans are feeling right now.

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