The Weird F1 Record Jointly Held by Kimi Raikkonen and Keke Rosberg

By 9 months ago

F1 veteran Kimi Raikkonen has been in the sport for a long time and he even has a few unique records of his own. One example is that he is the only driver to take a race win during the V10, V8 and V6 Turbo eras. However, there is another unique record to his name, though he shares this one with fellow Finn, Keke Rosberg.

Both drivers are the only 2 F1 world champions to have won more races in a year where they did not win the title. Case in point is the 2005 Formula One season where Kimi Raikkonen recorded 7 wins, but the title went to Fernando Alonso and Renault. Meanwhile, Keke Rosberg won only two races in 1985, when the title went to Alain Prost.

Kimi Raikkonen also missed out on a world championship in 2003 when he lost to Michael Schumacher by 2 points. Another interesting fact about the 2005 season was that he equalled Alain Prost’s 1984 record of the most wins in a season without winning the title.

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He was heading into the season on the back of a disappointing 2004, and things looked fairly bleak when he finished P8 and P9 in his first two races. However, things soon picked up as he won back to back wins in Spain and Monaco, putting himself right behind Championship favourite Alonso.

Raikkonen then pulled up his socks and his best driving came at the end of the season, winning four of the last seven races, This included one of his best ever drives from the back of the grid to pull off an incredible triumph in Suzuka. He fought his way to the front, passing Schumacher and putting in stunning laps to pit and come out ahead of front-runners Webber and Button, but behind leader Fisichella. With his form that day though, he quickly caught the Italian and passed him for the win.

At last, in 2007, his crowning glory came when he plucked the world championship from under the noses of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. The McLaren duo had been warring throughout the season, while Kimi Raikkonen just did his own thing.

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