The Weird Renault F1 Tradition That Nobody Knew About

By 10 months ago

Apparently, the Renault team have a strange tradition for their team members. While the outgoing Nico Hulkenberg got a guard of honour and a tribute video, the same cannot be said for another Nico in the team.

The team member in question was expected to join the Toro Rosso team in the 2020 season. So, as a bit of a goodbye gift, Nico the crew member, was slathered in oil, food and water, taped to a tyre trolley and wheeled down to Toro Rosso.

The Renault team then took it upon themselves to present Nico to his new employers in this condition. Being good sports, the Toro Rosso crew were equally enthusiastic while they poured oil over him before he was wheeled back to Renault to presumably clean up.

Toro Rosso are direct rivals of the Renault team, so losing a team member to them will be difficult to process. However, the French outfit’s actions are all a bit of fun and games and that everyone in F1 has a sense of humour.

The French manufacturer held on fifth place in the constructors’ championship ahead of nearest rivals Toro Rosso after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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