“There Are Bigger Things We Need to Worry About”- Ashleigh Barty

May 20, 2020 6:54 pm

The coronavirus pandemic has suspended the tennis season which is something no tennis player is happy about. While players like Ashleigh Barty would love to compete again, she has made it clear that she does not want to make any rash decisions. Check out what she said.

Ashleigh Barty On Returning To The Tour

The coronavirus pandemic forced many events to postpone. One of those events is the French Open where Ashleigh Barty is the defending champion. In a recent interview with Sydney Morning Herald, she talked about whether she would play the tournament.

“Obviously I’d love to defend my title in Paris at Roland Garros. But I think what’s more important is that we listen to the WTA, we listen to what all the health experts say all over the world before I just jump into making rash decisions.”

The Australian went on to take about what she expects everybody to do.

“There are bigger things in life that we need to worry about just for the time being. Everyone will take into consideration the requirements that they need to do but also looking for the opportunity to play because tennis is what we do, it’s what we love. It’s what we love to do and we want to play.”

Every tennis player is probably waiting for August to arrive as that is when the Tour is scheduled to return, but then again, it may not. The officials have already extended the suspension three times. And if the virus is not contained soon, it is likely that we will not see any tennis this year.

Obviously, no tennis fan or tennis player wants that, especially, Ash Barty. She had a wonderful 2019 season winning the French Open and the WTA Finals. She will want to capitalize on such an amazing season by winning some big titles in 2020.

With many countries investing in the development of a coronavirus vaccine, we hope to see the virus contained soon. This will allow us to see tennis again and see Barty competing for the big titles.

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