“There is no Truth”: Lakers Teammate Trashes Rumors of LeBron James Having On-Court Workout Sessions

May 27, 2020 3:00 pm

Last week, Shams Charania said on The Stadium that LeBron James has started private on-court workouts with his Los Angeles Lakers teammates at a secure location. It raised a few questions on whether the four-time MVP was breaking any lockdown rules.

However, his teammate Danny Green trashed the stories surrounding James’ workout sessions saying there is “no truth to that.”

“There are a lot of stories out there, man. I think LeBron James is quarantining, social distancing himself, as best as possible like most people are,” Green said on The Herd. “So there is no truth to that, that we’re working out in groups right now.

“But a good amount of us have been able to find some private gyms and get some weight-lifting equipment to our homes. Unfortunately, a lot of us in the NBA, not just veterans or young guys, but everyone, don’t have access to a gym. We don’t just have gyms connected to our house. We don’t have weight rooms connected to our house.”

LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers want the NBA to resume

The Lakers were flying high before the league’s suspension. With the arrival of Anthony Davis last summer, they seemed to have found their final piece in the jigsaw while building a Championship team. Davis teamed up with James to lead the Lakers to the top.

Prior to the suspensions, they had the second-best record in the NBA with 49 wins. Many believed this was their year after an extended period of absence from the playoffs. They had last won a title in 2010 but were among the favorites to win the title this year. They seemed on track, but the suspension spoiled their plans.

Green recently talked about how the suspension was a huge disadvantage for the Lakers. The Lakers, given their chance to win the title this season, would be among the first teams backing the season’s resumption. While the NBA has talked about a few possible scenarios, it is still unclear as to whether and when the league would resume.

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