These Black Ops Cold War Weapons in Warzone Could Be Game-Changers

November 30, 2020 12:01 am

Activision previously announced that they will be doing a cross-studio collaboration between the current games. These include Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War. The objective of the collaboration is to integrate all the weapons into a single engine. Therefore, Activision can use guns from one game in another.

The first step of this collaboration is happening soon with Black Ops Cold War weapons coming over to Warzone. Players are eager to know if these new weapons are somehow going to change the Warzone meta.

Therefore, here is a list of 6 weapons player can look out for once they arrive. These can be the priority weapons to level up, as they might prove better effective in the battlefield as compared to some original Warzone weapons.

Top 6 Black Ops Cold War Weapons coming to Warzone

Assault Rifles:

  1. XM4– The M4 variant from Cold War has a lower time-to-kill and a higher accuracy making it the go-to AR in combat. Moreover, it will be easy to switch to as its pretty similar to the M4 from Warzone.
  2. AK-47– Another popular AR from Call of Duty games, the Cold War version has a really low recoil.
  3. Krig 6– This AR can always be a go-to weapon in case players to find a weapon of their choice. The Krig has high damage with a slow time-to-kill but is just behind the Kilo from Warzone.


  1. MP5– The MP5 is a versatile SMG with many advantages. The gun is highly mobile with a large mag size and high damage. It is also highly effective in close-medium range combat, making it feel like an AR put into the SMG class.
  2. AK-74u– The SMG version of the AK has also proved highly effective in combat with a decent range, low recoil, and decent damage.

The last addition to the list is the Stoner 63 LMG. LMGs are not generally a preferred weapon in battle royale games. However, due to the Stoner’s low recoil, long range, and high damage, it can be a game changer.

YouTuber JGOD made a video breaking down the integration between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Players can check it out to understand in details about how this will change their favorite games.

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