“They Are Obviously Loving Tennis” – Hubert Hurkacz Differs From Dominic Thiem On Lower-Ranked Players

May 29, 2020 9:33 pm

There have been all kinds of opinions until now on the Player Relief Fund. The recent skirmish between Dominic Thiem and lower-ranked player, Ines Ibbou, brought further attention to the issue. Polish player Hubert Hurkacz also gave his opinion on this burning issue.

Hurkacz is someone who has achieved a great degree of success early in his life. He’s currently ranked at number 29 in the world so that doesn’t leave him in a really vulnerable position. However, he is also not a top 10 player.

That means it’s a fairly neutral opinion to have in this scenario. Hurkacz spoke about this in an exclusive interview to Essentially Sports. Let’s find out what the rising star had to say about this issue.

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What did Hubert Hurkacz say?

Hubert Hurkacz held a different opinion on the matter when compared to Thiem. While the Austrian believes that the lower-ranked players aren’t all too committed to the game, Hurkacz thinks otherwise.

“Yeah, obviously it’s tough, especially for the lower-ranked players. They play some tennis leagues to get money to be able to travel and play. So it’s really good that ATP and WTA are trying to create a fund to help them coz they are obviously loving tennis and trying to get as good as they can but now at a certain stage of their careers, they need to play some tournaments to improve their rankings.”

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This is an interesting new perspective. Even to improve their rankings, the lower-ranked players require more tournaments in the kitty. Sadly, if tennis is suspended, they are deprived of that opportunity.

A solution has to be worked out soon enough to organize at least local tournaments. This can allow each country to help their players. That’s something which can solve this pretty difficult situation to at least some degree.

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